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"Having graduated and not knowing which path to take next, I joined the Free2Learn Graduate program with an open mind, unaware of what to expect. We were introduced to the program and informed that after we complete our Free course we would be able to secure ourselves the jobs we want by utilizing the skills and techniques we were about to learn. Work experience would also be given to us by the end of the program. Amongst presentations, group work, self-assessment tests, we also learned how the online job search really works. We were given the opportunity to prepare ourselves wisely for upcoming interviews by sitting in groups and interviewing each other. Constructive feedback would be given from our colleagues, who I now consider friends, which would enable us to make certain changes to tick the right boxes when being interviewed in real life.


Overall the experience has been absolutely positive. It has given me momentum, confidence, knowledge, and most importantly exactly what I was searching for: direction. I highly recommend joining the Free2Learn program as we are given an insight of the 'real world'. The training is provided by professionals who will eventually become your mentors. The work experience we carried out has been second to none which looks fantastic on my CV. We not only got to learn about how to work with others, but also how we as individuals act in a professional working environment. It is great for those who like to reflect and improve.


Since finishing the program, apart from being a bit upset to leave, I have already secured a job which I never knew I would get. One very important lesson I have learned from Free2Learn is to never rush your job search. Persistence, determination and hard work are vital, but I have also been taught that honesty and happiness come first too, which will shine through your personality and the work you carry out on a daily basis. Having such preparation and knowledge passed on to you is definitely an opportunity one should not miss out on - it can only lead to better things."
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Published OnJun 24, 2013
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