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I recently graduated from the University of Greenwich having achieved BSc in Maths with Economics. After I graduated I started to look for jobs that were out there with a half decent CV and covering letter. During my time at university I had gone to lots of advisers and career events, to only find out they were not really helping me out. For couple of months I applied for over 100 jobs, completing job applications or attending job interviews. At the end I was still not successful and the cost of living was catching up to me.

I registered with my local job centre and shortly was put on a course delivered by Free2Learn. It is probably the best course I had been out on in all my academic years! I attended a two-week course delivered by Free2Learn and over the two-weeks we went through topics, which were never covered by any career advisor or workshop I had been to before. The course was not just the usual static environment like university. We did lots of group activities, group presentations and individual presentations.

More than anything, I developed skills that I never had the chance to develop, skills such as being a good listener and attention to detail, I also exercised my current skills. Free2Learn also helped me to reform my CV and update my cover letter to the standard that allows me to apply for graduate jobs and job boards. Only after a couple of days of completing the course I got a job with the NHS right away.

Overall the experience and knowledge I gained from Free2Learn will be valuable for my future and has already proven to be so. I personally dont believe any other institutions would be willing to do a course of this calibre for free. Not even universities and colleges tell you the right stuff and this is why it is vital for people to attend the course designed and delivered by Free2Learn and increase their knowledge and the results will show.
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Published OnJun 24, 2013
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