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This detail is what it is, the most advanced of all MJR Valet And Detailing's details, utilising the fantastic Gtechnig Smart Surface System. If you are after a detail that covers every area with no holds barred, this maybe just what your looking for.
*Engine bay is degreased using Gtechniq W2 Universal Cleaner then left to dwell.
*All areas of engine bay are steam cleaned via a steam gun, and agitated.
*Engine is rinsed.
*Engine is dried.
*All metal components are cleaned and polished.
*All plastics are dressed and protected.
*All visible engine paintwork and underneath of bonnet are polished by hand.
*Arches and tyres are degreased, scrubbed and rinsed.
*Wheels are completely removed and all suspension, brakes and arches are degreased, clean and treated.
*Wheels are cleaned via non acidic wheel cleaner, and various wheel brushes.
*Entire car is pre sprayed in a PH neutral degreaser and left to dwell.
*All shuts, gaps, grilles and vents are agitated using various detailing brushes.
*Car is then:
- treated to a snow foam bath and left to dwell.
- rinsed.
- washed using a PH neutral shampoo and the two bucket method.
- treated to a clay bar system over paintwork, glass and wheels.
*Car is further treated for caustic compounds in the paint via a cleaner fluid.
*Car is then:
- rewashed using a ph neutral shampoo and the two bucket method.
- dried using a 70/30 towel.
- given a thorough IPA wipe down to remove oils left in the paint.
- masked up ready for correctional work.
- compounded via rotary machine.
- polished via rotary machine.
- refined via rotary machine.
*Car has further IPA wipe down during correctional stages to ensure a true finish.
*Car is then given a further re wash to remove dust left by compound.
*Car has two coats of glaze via hand.
*Car is pre wax cleansed via hand.
*Paintwork is then sealed using Gtechniq C1 Crystal Lacquer
*3 coats of suitable carnauba wax are applied to all paintwork.
*Front and rear lights are polished via rotary to remove any marring.
*Wheels are polished using a micro abrasive pre wax cleaner.
*Wheels are sealed using Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour.
*2 coats of high quality wheel wax are applied to wheels.
*Tyres are dressed to a matte finish.
*Arches are treated and protected.
*Windscreen cleaned.
*Windscreen is glass coated for optimum protection.
*Windows are polished inside and out.
*Windows are coated for optimum protection.
*All exterior plastic trim restored using Gtechniq C4 Permanent Trim Restorer
*Exhaust box is polished and refined in 2 stages.
*Exhaust is protected in 2 coats of sealant.
*Roof lining and all interior upholstery is steam cleaned and scotch guarded.
*All leather upholstery is shampooed and conditioned.
*All plastics are washed, cleaned and protected.
*All air vents are cleaned and washed.
*Car is given a detailed vacuum.
*Extra Layers can be applied for 10 a layer (to give extra gloss and protection to the finish). approx (3-5 day booking)
*Please note that all prices shown are for guidance only, as no two commissions are the same. Price dependant on model of car and condition, Prices reflect amount of time spent.
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Published OnAug 09, 2011
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