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Q)How Much Do You Charge Per Hour?

A) Clixstop dont charge their customers and hourly rate, we believe that charging an hourly rate does not give a fair price to the customer, we charge by the job no matter how long it takes us, this benifit keeps customers happy and clixstop in constant demand as these services is usually an hourly rated one not a price per job when looking at other companies.

Q)What about remote services?

A) Clixstop offer a remote service for its customers providing there computer will switch on and load up there operating system, thenyour problems will be diagnosed and repaired over the internet giving you more time to do the things you need,we will quote you on the support before we repair your issues and at no extra cost we will make sure we impliment security measures toand free tools to make sure your computer stay in tip top condtion making a more pro-active computer and ultimatly saving you more money.

Q)What if it cant be fixed?

A) If clixstop cant fix your laptop or pc then we wont charge you a single penny ("hard to believe we know")

Q)Do you have a privacy policy?

A) Yes Please click the picture to your left to read more. also see our conditions of use here
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Published OnJun 14, 2011
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