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Beauty Salon in Leeds, West Yorkshire
Beauty Salon in Leeds, West Yorkshire PRP or platelet rich plasma is an exciting development within regenerative medicine.

The treatment concentrates your body own regenerative and growth properties to repair and re-generate the skin and hair follicles.

PRP is a simple procedure that involves taking a blood sample then putting it in a machine to separate the blood components And extracting them platelet rich plasma.
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  • Leeds, Wakefield, Bradford, York, Harrogate
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  • Licensed and insured
  • Year established: 2019
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  • Nurse specialist clinic for PRP Regenerative treatment.
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15 queen square
Leeds, West Yorkshire
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PRP for hair loss
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read morePRR or platelet rich plasma is a non-surgical procedure and is part of regenerative medicine. PRP stimulates and repairs follicle growth I concentrating your bodies own natural regenerative properties and encouraging stem cell production.
PRP for skin rejuvenation (vampire lift)
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read moreThe vampire left or Dracula left as it sometimes known, uses PRP to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin.
PRP or platelet rich plasma uses your own bodies natural regenerative properties concentrated into one area. This encourages growth factors and stem cell production to repair and rejuvenate the skin.
Mesotherapy micro needling
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read moreMicroneedling using mesotherapy cocktails is a great cost effective ways of treating your skin to reduce ageing and fine lines.

We use the award winning HIKARI meso cocktails and skin products.


Jack Jones
read moreFirst treatment I've had of this kind. Very satisfied with the professionalism and service I got.
Lynda Mayall
read moreMy hair was thinning and I was embarrassed. After just a few treatments I've noticed it's beginning to thicken and grow back. I also have rosacea and facial lines so I also had the face treated. I'm noticing the redness has faded and my lines have softened. Great service and reasonably priced too.
Bradley Noakes
read moreWent here for prp on my scalp and also a vampire facial followed by a collagen mask used with a led mask too and it was absolutely amazing fantastic service and my skin felt amazing afterwards going back again next month.


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The PRP Clinic
read morePRP (platelet rich plasma) is a safe and powerful treatment to concentrate your bodies own ability to heal with growth factors and stem cells. These are then used to repair the skin and hair at the cellular level. Our experienced nurses will do a initial consultation with you to find out what you need and go though the procedure with you. The PRP and PRF procedure is very safe, However, our nurses will need to go though some checks with you before they can do the treatment.
read morePRF is the next generation of PRP. It uses your blood to form a layer under the skin to hold the platelets for a much longer time than PRP. This results in better stem cells production than using PRP, which leads to a more noticeable and marked regeneration and rejuvenation.
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