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Solicitor in Inverness, Highland Our company are highly professional, and are used as a key source of information and representation in a huge number of areas related to traffic law. We have many years of experience in this area, meaning that you can be sure that we can offer exactly what you need. No matter where in Scotland you are based, we will be able to help you to deal with your case from start to finish.

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Louis Gordon
read moreA dedicated and trust worthy road traffic lawyer in Inverness. I sought Graham's help after being charged with speeding whilst driving through Glasgow.

The dedication provided by Graham and his team when it came to dealing with my case was top notch. I couldn't stop worrying about what I could get landed with after the charge whether it be a fine, points on my license, or even a possible driving ban. All that worry was taken away after Graham's help. I was able to get away with just a few points on my license. Highly recommended. Thanks, Graham!
Alison Stewart
read moreI was prosecuted after having a very bad accident on the motorway. The first thing that went through my mind was the thought of losing my licence, and the idea of that was devastating.

What a relief when I found out about Blackwater Road Traffic Lawyers. They were so dedicated and helpful towards ensuring that I stayed on the road. Thanks to their help, the incident was found to be unavoidable and so I got away without any points on my licence.

Would highly recommend Blackwater road traffic lawyers.
Michael Chambers
read moreWhere i'm located on my job, I'm required to drive long distances every single morning. I was pretty worried when I found out there was a possibility I could lose my license after being charged with dangerous driving.

Thanks to Graham and his fantastic team I got let off with just a few points on my license. Thanks Graham!!
W. Anderson
read moreI stood to lose my licence for a long time had I been convicted. I had been disqualified before and the case against me looked strong but under cross examination the police evidence on my speed was poor and I was found not guilty. My solicitor seemed to know all the technical points needed to pick the prosecution case apart.
J. Lafferty
read moreI protested my innocence on this one from the start. It seemed it would be an easy case for the prosecution but I took my chances and was found not guilty. Blackwater Law had been recommended to me and I am glad I took the trouble to instruct the firm. They consulted with me before trial and I couldnt have asked for more in court. Top class service start to finish.

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Road Traffic Lawyers Inverness
read moreInverness based road traffic solicitors who is highly experienced in all sections of road traffic law, Blackwater Law are here to put your mind at ease. Are you looking for an inverness road traffic solicitor who is highly experienced in all sections of road traffic law? Are you worried about totting up penalty points, or even worse, losing your driving licence due to a recent road traffic accident? Consequences such as these can be life changing -imagine how much more difficult your life would be without having access to a vehicle.
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read moreGraham Mann has spent 25 years as a court practitioner, conducting trials in courts across Scotland throughout that time. He has developed a loyal client base who demand a lawyer who will fight their corner, and who will get results. Over the past 10 years with the increase in detection of road traffic offending such as speeding, drink driving, and mobile phone use while driving, Graham Mann and his firm have turned their attention to defending Road Traffic prosecutions. In this time they have set out to keep drivers on the road where possible, and in some cases keep people in their job.
Inverness Road Traffic Lawyers
read moreGraham Mann has over 25 years experience practising law throughout courts all over Scotland. He has built up a substantial and extremely loyal client base. The practice has grown from exclusively Glasgow based many years ago, to one that now extends to courts throughout the country. The practice has increased its base almost exclusively through word of mouth and referral business, reflecting its high standard of representation and reliability. As director Graham Mann ensures that standards are met and maintained in each and every case and for each and every client, whatever their case may be.
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