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Pest Control Services in London At Pestcure, we aim to be your first choice for pest control. Our technicians are experts in their field and are trained to BPCA standards (British Pest Control Association) which is the industry's official organisation. As a family run business, our clients receive a more personalised service with attention to the very smallest of details. We go the extra mile for every single one of our customers as your satisfaction & safety is our number one priority.
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Pest Control
read moreWe deal with all aspects of pest control in London from rodents such as rats, mice, and squirrels to insects such as fleas, cockroaches, and bedbugs. We will assist in the removal of these pests in a safe and effective manner and extermination is guaranteed.
Covid cleaning services
read moreWe currently offer the following services that are suitable for residential properties as well as businesses such as offices and shops. Our professional virucidal chemicals effectively destroy Coronavirus (SARS- associated), Human Coronavirus (VR-740) and Canine Coronaviru1s (VR-809).


read moreExcellent service! Got the job done quickly to a very professional standard, highly recommend and no problems since! Would use there service again in a heartbeat if I need! Thanks again
Ian Oliver
read moreI would like this opportunity to say a big thank you, this service usually comes with a repeated on going service that is a huge expense and inconvenience but surprisingly Pestcure has achieved an excellent one time solution to an unexpected difficult situation. Worth the recommendation and highly recommended
Eisha Miah
read moreAmazing service, sorted a reoccurring flea infestation with ease! 10/10 would definitely recommend and use again (although hopefully I won't have to haha!) Thanks pestcure!
Paul Ryan
read moreVery professional I like the way he went about stuff he seemed like he new how to tackle the issues I had and so far so good My rodent pro seems to have vanished Very happy job well done
Ollie Clark
read moreExcellent customer care from start to finish. Would highly recommend
Robbie Foulger
read moreThey where punctual they did there job well reasonably priced no complaints
Lisa Murphy
read moreI called in regards to a wasp nest and it was gone within a couple of days. Great service, very professional and friendly. Highly recommended! Thanks again!
Helen Finch
read morePestcure helped us with removing squirrels from our loft - they were extremely professional and took great care with the work. I highly recommend them.


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About Us
read morePestcure Limited are at the very cutting edge of integrated pest management. Through our specialist knowledge, we apply the integration of appropriate measures to hinder the development of pest populations whilst simultaneously protecting human health and the environment. Pest control involves much more than just the use of pesticides. Specific knowledge is required in relation to pest biology, habitat and reproduction, as well as chemical and behavioural resistance. If used without expertise, pesticides can actually worsen an infestation and could prove hazardous to both human health and our eco system.
Bed Bug Control & Treatment
read moreBed bugs are an extremely common pest and cases are on the rise since foreign travel became so much cheaper. An infestation can leave you and your family feeling extremely vulnerable due to the invasive nature of their bites and the knowledge that your blood is a tasty meal for them. There are numerous clues to help you determine whether you have a bed bug infestation, the main one being raised, red bites on exposed skin areas. You may also spot small blood splatters on your mattress as it is common to squash them in your sleep when you turn over.
Silverfish Control & Treatments
read moreA silverfish is a wingless insect that is silvery grey colour and moves like a fish, hence the name silverfish. They have an oval, elongated shape with 6 legs and are roughly 3/4 inch long. They do not bite or sting, but their skins can cause irritation to people who are prone to allergies. We are experts in dealing with silverfish problems and infestations; Pestcure Ltd offer effective treatments which will guarantee extermination 100%. Silverfish are most commonly found in humid, moist areas such as bathrooms and like most pests, they hide their presence from humans.
How To Get Rid Of Pigeons
read moreUh oh - pigeons have moved into your home or garden! While these birds can look quite lovely from a distance, they spread disease, make a mess, and destroy your property. Your neighbours won't appreciate their presence, and you can damage your reputation in your community if you let pigeons roost on your property. It's time for pigeon pest control. Most people classify them as vermin or call them 'rats with wings!' Not only that, but their constant cooing can drive you mad. If pigeons are roosting in your attic, on your roof, or anywhere on your property, you need to get rid of them.
read moreMosquitoes were previously associated with tropical climates like that of Africa, but an increase in global warming has made their presence much more common in the UK. There are over 30 types of native mosquitoes here in the UK and year on year, their numbers are increasing. Science is still ongoing as to why some people are plagued by bites but others escape unscathed. There are however, a number of theories that could explain this strange occurrence. A major reason for this is thought to be our blood type.
Wasp Nest Removal
read moreA large amount of wasps in and around your house could suggest that there is a nest nearby. Nests can be found in many different areas including sheds, garages, lofts, under decking and up high on your roof. They can cause anxiety for a number of people, even restricting social functions and gatherings. Wasps are mainly active during the warm summer months and at the peak of summer, a nest can contain as many as 10,000 wasps! A wasp sting can be quite painful, even life- threatening for some so you should never attempt to remove a nest yourself.
Ant Control
read moreAnts are incredibly hard working creatures with phenomenal strength in comparison to their size. They can lift over 50 x their body weight and have great stamina to match. They work incredibly hard to search for and ferry food back to their nest to ensure their survival. This is why you often see clusters of ants rather than single ones. The following guide will help you to determine whether you actually have an ant issue that needs dealing with. Ants' nests are generally found in soil outside, including your garden.
Mice Control
read moreMice are one of the most common pests that people encounter. A mouse can squeeze through a 6mm hole which is roughly the circumference of a pen, making it extremely easy for them to enter your property! They scurry on your floors/worksurfaces, spreading deadly diseases like salmonella & listeria as they go. There are numerous clues to help you determine whether you have a mice infestation including: droppings, grease rub marks, scratching noises (particularly at night), tracks/footprints and a strong foul odor.
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