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Business Financing in Manchester, Greater Manchester If your business accepts payment from customers using card terminals, a merchant cash advance is another useful way to increase working capital. The product gets its name simply because its a cash advance for merchants meaning businesses like retailers, pubs, cafs and restaurants are all suitable.

The amount you get advanced is normally expressed as a percentage of your average monthly card revenue (e.g. 120% of an average month), and critically, repayments are taken as a percentage of future card revenue too. That means repayments can feel relatively painless because theyre taken at the source.
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  • Year established: 2010
  • Number of employees: 5
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Merchant Cash Advance
read moreMerchant cash advance example
Advance amount: 10,000
Amount repayable: 12,500
Monthly repayment percentage: 20%
In this example, the lender offers to buy 12,500 worth of future sales for 10,000, at a repayment percentage of 20%. So 10,000 is what you get now, and 12,500 is what youll eventually pay back.


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PDQ Funding
read morePDQ Funding are a leading UK based business funding provider that offer an alternative finance solution known as a merchant cash advance. Your business can receive an instant cash injection of up-to 200,000, repayments are simply made by using a small percentage of your customer card sales. Our business finance solutions are unsecured, meaning it is not stacked against any assets the company may have. A merchant cash advance is an unsecured short term lending finance option, it uses a card payment terminal to secure future borrowing.
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