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Mental Health Services in Oxford, Oxfordshire At Oxford CBT we are invested in people and wellbeing. The relationships we share and develop with people, colleagues and with our partners, are the core value in what we do. We are committed to these shared relationships for the long term.

Ultimately, our mission together, is to be recognised as the leading provider of CBT and mindfulness therapy in Oxford and the wider Thames Valley. Thats both in terms of the excellence of our clinical services and the ethicality behind our service delivery.
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11A Windmill Road
Oxford, Oxfordshire
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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
read moreCognitive Behavioural Therapy (known as CBT), is a talking therapy designed to help people manage their problems by changing the way they think and behave. It aims to encourage us to become more aware of negative thoughts and of the behavioural patterns which reinforce our unhelpful thinking.
Its most commonly used to treat anxiety and depression, but can help a broad range of both mental and physical health problems.
Mindfulness Courses
read moreMindfulness is an ancient technique originating in the far east. It has now has an expanding evidence base showing it can help with a number of lifes difficulties, improving both your well-being and quality of life. And it is something you can learn and practice with others or in the comfort of your own home.
Our 8 week courses are designed to both teach you the basics as well as how to train yourself to think in a more positive way. As a scientifically-proven technique that has been used therapeutically for thousands of years, Mindfulness can help you recognise negative thoughts, and accept that they are not facts. It can help you recognise your thought patterns and focus on acknowledging thoughts as they arise, before letting them go.
Support for children
read moreChildren can experience difficulties in much the same way as adults, dealing with the pressures of school, exams, sexuality, developing relationships and family life. With our support, we can help children move forward with their lives and feel happier, more confident and more comfortable when communicating with their peers.


Caroline Cockman
read moreManaged to get an appointment very quickly. Easily accessible. Lovely counsellor who made me feel at ease. Only three sessions in but feeling better already. All payments dealt with separately.
Would recommend CBT to anyone feeling low.
Derek Buchanan
read moreI've just completed an 8 week mindfulness course with Oxford CBT (6 stars). Tom led the sessions helping participants develop great meditation techniques and habits and understand how our minds work. At the end of every week you leave with a sense of calm and wellbeing which with practice can be replicated in the outside world. Loved it!
Claire Hunter
read moreBy attending the eight week mindfulness course it taught me to pay more attention to the present moment. I can better recognise unhelpful thought processes before they take hold now by using the various techniques that are explained and the different meditation practices taught throughout the course. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in improving their mental wellbeing. The course was very well structured and it was great to meet new people in a friendly environment.


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Oxford CBT
read moreWe also offer Skype therapy as a flexible way to access the right support, wherever you are and at a time that fits your needs. So if you're unable to travel, you live and work overseas, or you simply have a busy life, our Skype sessions create an affective alternative.
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