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Driving School in Crawley, West Sussex Driving Crawley offers high quality driving lessons in Crawley, with all lessons specially tailored to suit your individual learning style. At our driving school all lessons are designed around the most important person, you! By taking full advantage of the extra benefits provided by our school, together with my expert help, you will have a great chance to pass your driving test first time!
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  • Crawley, Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill, Turners Hill, Copthorne, Crawley Down, Ardingly, Hassocks, Hurstpierpoint
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4 Birkdale Drive
Crawley, West Sussex
RH11 0TS
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Intensive Driving Courses
read moreBecause you will be doing your driving lessons intensively your retention levels are likely to be greater than if you did a 2 hour lesson every week, so overall you may need less driving lessons, saving you money as well as time!

Intensive driving courses, sometimes called crash courses, are not for everyone. For some they can be very tiring due to the vast amount of information being learnt in a short period, this can be detrimental to the learning process. Therefore it is important that you think carefully before deciding to start Driving Crawley intensive driving lessons.

I recommend that before your start an intensive course that you have passed your theory test so that you can then book your practical test in preparation for completing the intensive course.


read moreI decided to take some refresher lessons after applying for a taxi license. Laurence was very helpful in the lessons he provided and the information he gave me regarding the test structure and cabology questions. I feel this helped me immensely in passing the test first time. I would definitely recommend Laurence to anyone wanting to learn to drive or for any refresher lessons.

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Advanced Driving Training in Crawley
read moreOften many drivers feel that when they have passed the standard UK driving test then it is the end of their learning, often the test just being seen as a hurdle to get over. Having passed 6 advanced driving tests, with all the relevant training to achieve this, I strongly feel that passing the standard driving test is, in fact, just the start! Safe - Quite an obvious one, I can help to reduce your risk on the roads and improve your enjoyment! Systematic - Reduce your work load, making you feel more relaxed, by driving in a systematic way, i.e. doing one thing at a time, we often use the 'system of car control' using the acronym IPSGA (Information, Position, Speed, Gear, Acceleration).
Train to become a Driving Instructor
read moreI can offer driving instructor training in Crawley and surrounding areas, typically this would be any area with an RH postcode such as Horsham, Haywards Heath, Reigate & Redhill. Although it is not a major issue if you live further away as long as you are willing to travel and meet at a mutual convenient location for the training. The meeting location will be relevant to what stage you are at with your training, essentially most training will be done near the test centre where you will do your qualifying exams.
Fleet Driver Training in Crawley
read moreBy reducing the risk of fleet driver we are reducing the risk of costly collisions. We reduce this risk on sessions by looking at safety margins, forward planning and anticipation. Even a minor rear end shunt could cause your employee injuries and therefore need time off work to recover, the costs of sickness pay and taking on a temp could all add up to a large sum. Through good forward planning we can reduce your fuel costs! For example if we see a red light in the distance rather than continuing to press the accelerator we can lift off and save fuel, without effecting the journey times.
Practical test
read moreThe pass rate for the Crawley test centre is less than 50%, with the pass rate for students of Driving Crawley being 60-70% it shows that I know what is required and can pass this knowledge on! Don't worry I am not selfish with this knowledge, even if you are not learning with Driving Crawley I have made various videos to help everyone to become a safer and more confident driver, thus increasing your chances of passing the Crawley practical driving test first time! I will let you know when to book your test, this will be when you are ready and will stand a great chance of passing first time!
Theory Test
read moreWith the pass rate for the UK theory test currently being less than 50% it is clear than many new drivers struggle. So if you need to pass your theory test in Crawley and take that next step towards getting your full UK driving licence then this is the website for you! Did you know most people FAIL the theory test on questions, often the reason for this is because they only use the apps! The apps DO NOT have all the questions and information that you need to know. Therefore, it is strongly recommend you buy the following three books, the theory test is based on these books!
read moreIn life you get what you pay for, if you are looking for quality driving lessons then you are in the right place! Finding the correct driving instructor can be difficult, but it is equally important to find one who you get on with and who understands how you learn best. As such I would suggest a trial lesson to get to know me and the car, if at the end of the trial lesson you feel dissatisfied with how it went then I will offer you your money back under my Money Back Guarantee promise. The trial lesson is charged at the rates outlined below.
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