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Pest Control Services in Reading, Berkshire DKG Pest Control Ltd are a small family company based in Wokingham, with 40+ years experience in pest control we're able to provide a wide range of pest removal services to our clients throughout Berkshire, North Hampshire, Surrey and Oxfordshire. Our services cover the control of: Ants, Bees, Fleas, Flies, Foxes, Geese, Hornets, Mice, Moles, Moths, Rabbits, Rats, Squirrels, Wasp Nest Removal and Deer Management. With fast response times and friendly staff, we're able to offer a professional, reliable and affordable pest control service to domestic and commercial clients in Berkshire. Our services are intended to be prompt and cost effective, enabling our clients to live pest free.
Areas Served
  • Berkshire, Hampshire, Wokingham, Reading, Bracknell
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  • Serving residential, commercial and industrial clients
  • Licensed and insured
  • Year established: 2009
  • Number of employees: 3
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  • 5 Star Rated
  • Local Family Company
  • Fully Insured and Trained
  • Professional Affordable & Reliable
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12 Gorrick Square
Reading, Berkshire
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Products & Services

Wasp Nest Removal
read moreIf the Wasp Nest is visible we can destroy and remove the nest while we are on site in a single visit!

If the Wasp Nest isn't visible and you're just seeing Wasps flying in and out of a hole, we can treat the entry point to the Wasp Nest with an insecticide powder which will destroy the nest in a matter of hours!
Mouse Control
read moreDKG Pest Control LTD are here to help, our pest control technicians can come and survey the property, set traps and make any proofing recommendations. We will then return regularly until the infestation of mice is brought under control, typically domestic mouse infestations are cleared within 3 visits.

Commercial clients will typically be offered a contract to clear any initial mouse infestation which may be present, and then return regularly to ensure a repeat infestation doesn't reoccur.
Mole Catchers
read moreDKG Pest Control Ltd have 3 BTMR APMC Registered mole catchers in Berkshire, using only traditional mole catching methods. Were able to quickly, safely and effectively remove any mole infestation without the use of gassing compounds or chemicals.


Clare Davies
read moreAbsolutely fantastic - not only did DKG provide a fast, professional and effective solution to the unwanted pests we found in our home but they did it with such care and respect for our belongings and home that we cant thank them enough.

A very friendly team and totally trustworthy. I highly recommend them.
Kelly Shorey
read moreI would definately recommend these guys. I called them in the morning to come clear a wasp nest and they came out that afternoon. quick and professional. thank you very much.
Cilla Hamilton
read moreI had a wasps next. I called DKG. They were very quick in coming out. Lovely people. I thoroughly recommend them.
Chris Campbell
read moreFast, friendly efficient and professional service!
Tom Gunton
read moreBrilliant service and gets out to you straight away, always does a amazing job and very efficient. Highly recommended
Mandy Holdstock
read moreRemoval of a wasp nest between two walls - fast and efficient service

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About Us
read moreOur ethos is to provide a professional pest control service to domestic and commercial clients that is trustworthy, effective and we will strive to deliver unrivaled customer service. We take huge pride in our reputation as a small family business who are able to supply even the largest companies with pest control. Dean Gibbs (Owner) started DKG Pest Control in 2008. Dean had spent many years as a builder before coming into pest control after damaging his knee, this experience in building construction is what enables him to identify rodent entries and how they navigate through different building types.
Mole Catcher Berkshire
read moreNeed a Mole Catcher? DKG Pest Control Ltd have 3 mole catchers in Berkshire and Hampshire, using only traditional mole catching methods. We're able to quickly, safely and effectively remove any mole infestation without the use of gassing compounds or chemicals. All of our mole catchers are registered with the BMCR & APMC. Mole catching is a fine art and can for the novice become very frustrating and costly! Dean's granddad was a mole catcher starting in 1929 in Wokingham, he used to clear the railway embankments of moles and rabbits and eventually catching moles for domestic home owners and farms in the area.
CCTV Drain Survey for Rats
read moreRat commonly frequent the drainage system of domestic and commercial properties without anyone realizing, and if there are no drainage faults the rats are confined to the pipes and the only way out into a property is out of the toilet basin. Less common than you would think, but yes it does happen! Sometimes there are redundant pipes under the building that the home owner / site managers are completely unaware of, sometimes we find holes where the rats have actually gnawed away at the pipe at a joint or tree roots causing a crack that the rats have been able to gnaw.
Pest Control Berkshire
read moreRodents especially rats carry many infectious diseases that can infect humans, many of the rodent treatments carried out by DKG Pest Control LTD are in domestic properties, often the rodents will have gained access to the internal cavities of the property or even the living areas! Rodents will climb over any belonging in storage within the loft, contaminating the items with urine, droppings or if they have entered from the drains their fur will be transmitting sewer waste around your property! DKG Pest Control LTD can provide treatments to disinfect all contaminated areas of domestic and commercial properties, the most common area we carry out disinfecting treatments is the loft spaces of domestic properties after rat infestations.
Ant Control Berkshire
read moreDKG Pest Control provide effective Ant control treatments to domestic and commercial clients across throughout the local area. Our technicians use colony busting Ant gel baits and strong residual insectisides to treat properties for Ants. Lasius niger is a very quick, robust and prolific ant, using formic acid and its jaws as a means of attack/defence. The the black garden doesn't sting but can bite, red ants, wood ants and other flying ants will sometimes bite. Ant bites and stings are generally harmless, although you'll probably feel a nip and a pale pink mark may develop around the bite.
Fox Control Berkshire
read moreNeed fox control in Berkshire? DKG Pest Control LTD provide an effective Fox Removal service to domestic and commercial clients in Berkshire and Hampshire. Our Fox Removal service is carried out as discreetly as possible, usually with humane catch cage traps which are usually successful within a week and often within 24 hours! We will come and set the traps and return weekly to re-bait until the fox problem is resolved, we also provide you with a discreet professional dispatch and removal service.
Rat Control Berkshire
read moreSuffering with Rats in Berkshire or Hampshire? Have you been trying to resolve the issue yourself or had other pest control companies in who have failed to get rid of the Rats? Just check out our reviews, "Dean goes above and beyond" to get rid of any rat infestation! DKG Pest Control LTD provide domestic and commercial clients with effective Rat control treatments. All of our contract clients are left with a contract pack containing site plans, treatment reports, proofing advice, method statement, risk assessments, product safety data sheets, C.O.S.H.H assessments and DBS certificates.
Fly Control Berkshire
read moreCluster Fly Control Berkshire - DKG Pest Control are based in Wokingham & offer all forms of fly control & fly infestation eradication, this includes the installation of EFK's (Electronic Fly Killer's). There are many different pest fly species but the most commonly treated by us is the Cluster Fly which infest buildings by the thousands! Cluster flies can be effectively control with course spray insecticides or insecticide fogging machines. Other pest fly species such as the Fruit Fly - House Fly - Flesh Fly and Drain Fly usually require the removal of harbourage or breeding sites to effectively remove the fly infestation on a more long term basis.
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