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Pest Control Services in Cardiff, Wales When you discover a pest problem, you must act as soon as possible. You should always seek the advice and help from the people who are trained to deal with such problems, rather than trying to deal with it yourself. We at Pest Control Coventry know the tricks of removing whatever pests plague your home or business safely and quickly. By choosing us, we guarantee to solve your pest problem and get your home or business back to its healthy, happy state.
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Agricultural Pests
read moreRodents and insects can impact production of crops to a potentially devastating level. Not only this, but they can also damage machinery and buildings. Collectively, such damage could cause long-lasting problems from an agricultural standpoint, affecting both revenue and reputation.

For those looking for Coventry Pest Control specifically, our services can leave you to rest assured your business is safe. Pest issues can spread disease and potentially contaminate stock, impacting your output and stability of your business as a result.
read moreWe provide the most efficient Pest Control Coventry can offer, including mouse control, rodent control, pigeon proofing and wasp control. No matter how big or small your problem, you can depend on us to provide you with responsible, safe solutions that can protect every aspect of your business.


Laura Bazeley
read moreFantastic service. With a 2 year old and an 8 week old we really needed our problem sorting asap and these guys sorted it out within 3 hours. Thank you so much.

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Coventry Pest Control
read morePests, whatever shape or size they come in, are a nuisance. When the problem of pests arise, you need to turn to expert services to get rid of whatever is plaguing your home or business and get rid of it quickly. Luckily, we at Coventry Pest Control have the knowledge and expertise to turn your property from a nightmare into a dream. We are a family-run business based in the Coventry area, Warwickshire. Whatever pest problem you currently have, whether it's mice, rats, fleas, wasps, solar panel proofing, woodworm, or more, we can address the problem head-on and guarantee your pest issue will be a distant memory.
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read moreWe found a cluster fly situation shortly after moving into our property. We called out Rentokil who charged us a small fortune for an ineffective treatment and then said nothing more could be done. After this I contacted Rugby Pest Control and found out that we could do lots of things to deal with the situation. Rugby Pest Control implemented a cheaper and far more effective treatment than Rentokil's. The whole problem has been dealt with brilliantly. Thanks, it is much appreciated.
Woodworm Control Coventry
read moreIf you have a woodworm infestation, it can leave you feeling a little worried. But, fortunately, with the right help, you can quickly get it under control, preserving the value of your property and preventing any further damage. Woodworm Coventry needn't be something you have to put up with! We can help. Woodworm is a generic term that describes the effect of wood-boring beetles. Some beetles have learned to eat wood and make it their home. Because of this, they're often very attracted to the wooden beams in your property (not just trees in the forest), causing untold damage.
Wasp Control Coventry
read moreWasps are a common sight in the UK in the warmer months. They are much maligned pests, with a reputation for aggression and painful stings. They are natural pollinators just like bees and they pray on flies and other disease-spreading carrion insects, but while they have some ecological benefits, they can also be dangerous. If you spot evidence of a wasp's nest on your property, wasps can become more than just a nuisance, they can be a serious danger to you, your family and even your pets. While bees will only sting in extreme circumstances, wasps can be extremely aggressive when threatened.
Rat Control Coventry
read moreOur home is our sanctuary; a place to relax and unwind after a hard day. So when faced with an uninvited pest in our house, it can cause stress, anxiety and fear. Certain pests such as woodworm cause structural damage to a house, whereas rats and birds cause mess and chaos as well as damage. It is, therefore, imperative that homeowners rectify any pest problems before they cause serious harm. Coventry Pest Control has the expertise and knowledge to help homeowners with any domestic pest issues they may currently have.
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