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Cleaning Services in Leeds, West Yorkshire House cleaning has always been an awkward issue with clients struggling to find cleaning services.

With Trusted Cleaners cleaning services are just a click away.

Cleaners can advertise part time cleaning jobs for house cleaning jobs or for office cleaning jobs.

Self employed jobs in the UK have never been so easy to come by.

Use Trusted Cleaners to find cleaning services near you!

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  • Year established: 2018
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1 Millvale meadows
Leeds, West Yorkshire
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Don't feel guilty if you require
read moreWe are controlled by time! every minute counts. Shouldn't we be spending more time with our loved ones and doing the things that really matter? Creating memories on country walks or visiting friends is where our time should be spent! In the era that Downton Abbey was set, domestic service employed more Britons than any other industry. We have all seen the TV series "Downton Abbey" where a dozen or so people are busily cleaning up, cooking and serving meals! Its not a new thing to require the assistance of a cleaner so don't feel ashamed that you need help in this area.
Running your cleaning business
read moreLet's stop for a minute and think about the pros and cons of this business idea, here are some I have come up with. These are just some ideas that spring to mind! Running your own business has its pitfalls but working for someone can also have its annoyances, even when it's a family business! Back in 2008 I started a little retail shop in a quiet village near Brighton. I was putting the store together when a chap walking past popped his head in and asked "Whats the store going to be"? I believe he referred to me as mate!
Cleaning Tips
read moreThe only exception to this rule is if you don't clean at all in between your cleaning visits. Put away toys, pick up clothes generally get everything off the floor and make sure the clutter is cleared. If you are providing the cleaning materials always ensure there is enough cleaning solutions and materials.
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