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Home Improvement Company in Bodmin, Cornwall Trusted by a wide range of clients, we have a proven track record working across the residential, construction and industrial sectors throughout the UK. From concept to completion, our staff are highly qualified to fulfil your requirements. Holding some of the most recognisable accreditations and certifications, you can always be assured that we work in a safe, compliant and diligent manner.
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Spray Foam For Lofts & Roofs
read moreTraditional Fibre-based insulation holds dust and creates a bed for pests or rodents. It also shrinks and degrades over-time, requiring lifelong regular top ups. Either open or closed cell spray foam, applied between the roof rafters offers a clean and efficient process that helps to create a single climate within the home. Banishing cold draughts to the past, spray foam will stand the test of time and performs for life, guaranteed for a minimum 25 years.
Spray Foam New Build Roofs
read moreWhen building a house, onerous building regulations make the insulation provision more important than ever. Traditional forms of insulation require an air-gap which takes up valuable room in the structural frame. Providing an air-tight insulation solution is time-consuming and uses valuable resources. Spray Foam overcomes this by offering exceptional thermal performance per inch, its around 5 times faster to install and complies with Building Regs.
Corrugated Roofs
read moreMetal, cement fibre or asbestos corrugated roofs are common across the UK and are generally found on warehouses, factories, agricultural buildings and workshops. They are traditionally difficult to insulate due to the rippled surface and during winter months, they tend to condensate. Spray Foam Insulation is applied directly to the surface, bonding the roofing sheets to add structural integrity and will last with the entire life of the building.
Concrete Soffits
read moreMany large buildings are constructed using poured or formed concrete because its quick, effective and structurally sound. Like many perimeter surfaces, concrete requires good insulation to seal the thermal envelope of the building whilst preventing heat loss. Spray Foam represents one of the best options to insulate concrete structures because of its speed of application and ability to adhere seamlessly to the substrate, providing durable performance.
New Build Stud Walls
read moreTimber or metal frame studs require insulation between them to protect the thermal envelope of the building. Similarly to pitched roof insulation, the strict U-Value targets make the choice of insulation an important factor. Spray Foam is the perfect choice for maximising limited space and it offers a fast and effective air-tight solution. Closed Cell Foam is great for structural integrity and thermal performance, Open Cell Foam is best for soundproofing.
Cavity Walls
read moreMany existing and new build homes in the UK are constructed using an outer and inner skin block wall with a cavity gap in between. With up to 30% of heat lost through walls, insulating the cavity is important to protect the building. Traditional materials like fibre or cellulose do not truly fill every area of a cavity wall void and over time, they shrink, slip and degrade. Slow rise injection foam insulation expands to completely seal the void and does not degrade over time.
read moreMany homes or buildings suffer with cold draughts when theres an uninsulated void. In some homes, underfloor sections can be accessed via an external or internal hatch, therefore, it is possible to insulate as a retrofit solution. In new build property, floor insulation is a vital part of the thermal envelope requirements. Spray Foam offers a great alternative to traditional materials and as an in-situ application, it bonds to the underfloor to provide lifelong performance.
read moreInsulation isnt always used purely for its thermal properties. A low density insulator such as fibre can be used to soundproof walls and between floor. The issue with a fibre-based insulator is the deteriorating performance over time as it begins to shrink and degrade. Open Cell Spray Foams are regularly used as a viable long term alternative, particularly as they provide an airtight seal of a void and do not suffer from a loss in density or performance over time.


Julian Reading
read moreThermoProtect are beyond brilliant. Highly professional, clean and great communications. ThermoProtect stand alone as the leaders in this industry. I am a fussy buyer, and had numerous companies around to look at my roof. ThermoProtect stood out for their professionalism and quality of service. Each stage was explained to me, the process, the foam and the benefits. When it came to the installation, they were prompt, clean and very professional. In fact they found a suspect material in my roof, halted work and got it tested because they were concerned for my family. This was at their own cost!!! The job itself is neat and tidy. My house is measurably cooler, even in this heatwave and everyone is sleeping better at night. I can sum it up by saying awesome company, great people and the best product in the market!
Amy Rogers
read moreWe really appreciate all the advise and help we got from this company. They did a great job for us insulating our igloos at Hideaway Camping!! A lovely, friendly, helpful team. We will definitely be getting them back for future projects
Ray Nandra
read moreWe used ThermoProtect to insulate our loft and they done a fantastic job. Their price was reasonable and we couldn't have been more pleased with the finish. We will definitely use ThermoProtect again!
Maureen Gibbons
read moreI had my loft insulated yesterday and have received fast and efficient service from survey to installation. The installation was clean, quick and efficient and the loft was left in perfect condition!
Marilyn Taylor
read moreA very professional and friendly service. The installers worked really hard all day, and the advice was very good. I would highly recommend this firm.
Ken Dunstan
read moreWe are very pleased with the product the installation was efficient we first noticed in the Summer how cool our loft space is after installation. Now into Winter and the roof space is no where near as cold as in previous winters.
Martin Jones
read moreVery courteous installers, who clearly know their stuff. The installers had a 'can do' attitude which made me feel delighted I had chosen ThermoProtect.
Christine Jones
read moreThermoProtect really solved the problem of a very cold and draughty attic and I am delighted with the results and the excellent service given by the company. I am so glad I chose them to do the work.
Sam Cowan
read moreWe contacted Thermo Protect because it was really difficult to insulate our roof space. They came up with a solution unfortunately it was not possible to do it the way they were hoping to do so they said that they would insulate on top of our roof which would have cost a lot more however as they had quoted me for an internal insulation they would do it for the same cost.(brilliant)However after weeks of negotiations with the leaseholder(as they owed the roof) and lots of emails from Thermo Protect to the leaseholder it was refused. I can not thank Thermo Protect enough for all of their time and effort to try and accommodate us. And would highly recommend them to anyone.
Katie Louise Field
read moreUsed thermoprotect for really bad condensation in the loft. Great advice, very professional, has been bone dry ever since!
Elizabeth Appleby
read moreMy house was in dire need of some insulation as it had none. I invited a number of firms around to discuss my options. I didn't like the idea of a cold loft, where the floor is insulated, as my boiler is in the loft and would of left it exposed to the cold, so additional insulation would be needed. When thermoprotect explained the system they use it made sense as it would insulate the house and give added structure to the roof itself. They even suggested spraying the adjoining partition wall to prevent heat lost to the neighbours loft. They had a special offer on so I took advantage of the great price they offered and agreed to the work being carried out. They arrived on time and worked like Torgons all day, it took them that long as they had to do a lot of preparation to start. The workman were friendly and curtious. Protecting all carpets and cleaning up when they finished. The house is noticeably warmer and I'm looking forward to cheaper heating bills.


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