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Bournemouth, Dorset
Bournemouth, Dorset A professional, organised, declutterer with an empathetic nature and good aesthetic eye, I can transform your life and free you from the burden of clutter. I will come, with a cheerful demeanour and help you move on out and up. if you are strugglng to sell your home I am great at giving you some tips to transform your home and get that elusive buyer. If you are staying, I can help you re-style and design as well as remove the stuff you know longer need. Solid testimonials on my website. Guaranteed hard-working service.
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18 Exton Gardens, 70 Knyveton Road
Bournemouth, Dorset
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Helen Baxter
read moreTracey and I met almost 10 years ago when Tracey was responsible for SkinBrands, an immensely successful specialist skincare company. I had an aspiration to set up an online cosmeceutical skincare website to run alongside my existing business as a cosmetic nurse.
Tracey conducted my product training within my own home in Cornwall, rather than bringing me to her London based HQ, recognising my need as a busy working mum! The several days of product training were intense and very detailed. It was immediately apparent that Tracey possessed an exceptional understanding for both the products and the subject area. I was highly impressed with Tracey's professionalism yet friendly manner. She more than met my expectation, as did her ongoing approach to continual customer care. She inspired and helped me to successfully meet my aspiration.
Everything that Tracey involves herself in, she does with more than 100 % gusto and enthusiasm. Positivity, confidence, understanding, direction, success and fun are all things that you can achieve when having Tracey B within your life!!
Rebecca Green
read moreI first met tracey many years ago and we have always kept in touch. I love her vibrant energy, positive mindset and this consistency in building her brand and herself! But what I really LOVE about this lady is how she has , despite so many life curve balls, she's bounced back and risen higher. I can't wait to read your book and watch you inspire hundreds of women to be happy!
Sarah Heelis
read moreIve known Tracey for many many years and although we lost touch for a while we are well and truly back in touch now!!!! Tracey has a genuine zest for life and oozes positivity. She is enormously capable of achieving anything she puts her mind to. She shows everyone kindness and understanding. Most importantly she has a wicked sense of humour...
Ciara Redican
read morethe lifestyle concept, is an amazing idea and business, which helps support us human beings on every level. Tracey an incredibly successful business women herself, has taken business' from nothing to huge success, she is actually the best example there is out there for the lifestyle concept, she is diligent, honest, incredibly organised, has unbelievable taste, she is thoughtfull, she listens, she never stops pushing the boundaries for new ideas and concepts and hunts down relentlessly the answers to the questions, the dilemmas, and the work in hand. I trust her with my life she has turned my world around and made it easier, happier, more peaceful and more productive. She is like a guru, a goddess and an Oracle all rolled into one. If you haven't got Tracey in your life then get to it, life changing
Klay Anderson
read moreI've known Tracey since she was a PA to the owner of a major UK Company. Always impressed with her knowledge and experience--she never has a bad day and she's helped me through a few of mine. I rely on her for the best advice and solutions. I only wished she lived closer!
Paula O'Connor
read moreI love this shop. The staff are so friendly. They strike the lovely balance of being friendly and helpful, but not pushy.
The interior of the shop has a wonderful atmosphere and they sell the most beautiful things. It would be impossible not to find the perfect present or a most beautiful little gift to yourself.
The owners understand their products and know where they were made and by whom. Knowing as we do the impact of our consuming I believe this is becoming more important as shoppers become more conscientious.
Visit these lovely shops and stop the high street from becoming deserted.
A little bit of magic sitting right here in Highcliffe.
Lisa Percival
read moreA beautiful shop with high quality and tasteful products! They went out of their way to help me with a birthday surprise for my sister-in-law. I couldn't have asked for a better shopping experience. Thank you!
Emma Morgan
read moreA great shop, full of unusual, reasonably priced gifts, treats and clothing. Definitely the place to go to find something different.
Nicola Hansford
read moreBrilliant on line service , thank you for the few chocolates in my parcel. Love all the Sence jewellery you stock , saving up for my next purchase.
Cathy Mosley
read moreTracey Beesley and I met about 3 years ago, and I became a customer of hers, and as a result, became a personal friend. Traceys zest for life, compassion towards others and relentless drive to make the world about her a better place are unparalleled she is beautiful inside and out and such a positive ray of sunshine, its a pleasure to spend time with her. She has a strong and fearless business mind, and an iron-strong will to succeed!
Felicity Phillips
read moreI absolutely adore this shop! The Lifestyle Concept in Highcliffe is home to an eclectic range of home-ware, gifts, ladies designer fashion, accessories and more. Tracey Beesely is just lovely and goes the extra mile to make her customers feel at home. Going there to shop, you get a unique experience of customer care that is now lost in many stores. Also the clothes are all designer brands but they are not expensive and as Tracey only buys a handful of each item, you can be guaranteed to get come away with something that won't be found in the normal high street stores! Absolutely love it! Highcliffes best kept secret!!

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The Lifestyle Concept
read moreI am a professional declutterer based in Bournemouth, Dorset and I can help you declutter your home. I believe that clarity to help you make the right decisions in your life, can be found by decluttering. Only when you feel that you are in a calm space can you then think clearly. From a simple decluttering session, my clients have found time to pursue their passions, move on from a negative relationship, move home, and gain financial freedom. Sometimes and most often, it's a case of my client's sharing their life experiences so that I can help them move forward gently.
About Us
read moreI was born in Cornwall, moving to London when I was twenty-four. I spent the best part of my life there, carving a career for myself, with a brief stint in the USA. Finally, moving to Dorset in 2014. As a little girl I loved to declutter. You should have seen me on a Saturday morning! I would clean my bedroom and then go about re-arranging everything - the furniture, my posters (mostly of David Cassidy) and all my clothing, lining it up perfectly. And don't get me started about lists! It's funny how your 'winning formula' for life defines who you laterally become.
Decluttering Services
read moreDecluttering is such a weighty topic these days. I offer a range of decluttering services and in my mind there is no part of your life and home that can't be decluttered, from the amount of pens you have, through to tackling the attic and even decluttering your handbag! In my range of decluttering services I have handled everything from putting up pictures for a client, filing paperwork, creating systems, decluttering a wardrobe, re-arranging an entire office space and even helping someone on wellbeing matters relating to ADHD and mental health in general.
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Monday10:00 AM÷05:00 PM
Tuesday10:00 AM÷05:00 PM
Wednesday10:00 AM÷05:00 PM
Thursday10:00 AM÷05:00 PM
Friday10:00 AM÷05:00 PM
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