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Industrial Equipment & Supplies in Blackburn, Lancashire During our time we have designed and developed new and advanced concepts for surface preparation (abrasive blasting), induction heating and field joint coating. Our company's focus is to leverage technology in order to bring efficiencies that provide technical, operational and commercial benefits for all of our customers.

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Surface Preparation / Blasting
read morePrior to performing any type of pipeline coating and regardless of the application, surface preparation is the first process required.

Abrasive blast cleaning is perhaps the most critical process in guaranteeing the performance and integrity of the applied coating. This process ensures the substrate is prepared according to the standard of cleanliness whilst providing an anchor profile that promotes adhesion in coatings.

Serimax FJC can offer a full range of services and solutions for surface preparation which can be used on field joints and pipe fittings.

There are a few different ways that this can be achieved:

Open Blast
Closed Cycle Abrasive Blasting
Pipe Induction Heating
read moreInduction heating is the process that heats the field joint to a desired temperature using a coil manufactured to suit the specific pipe diameter.

Most field joint coating applications require pre-heating, at Serimax FJC this service is offered using either traditional induction heat diesel generators and clam style coils or using state of the art electrical inverters and Orbiter HEAT Robots which is a lightweight system with pyrometer controlled heating to ensure a uniform heat profile is achieved.

Both systems can be used for onshore pipelines and offshore pipelines to suit any diameter that may be required.
Multi Component Liquid (MCL)
read moreMulti-Component Liquid ( MCL) is a spray applied coating system for field joints, valves, bends, etc. that require an anti-corrosive coating, which can be either an Epoxy and / or Polyurethane based product.

Prior to application surface preparation and pre-heating is often a fundamental pre-requisite for this type of coating.
Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE)
read moreFusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) is an anti-corrosive powder coating applied to a welded field joint at temperatures of between 160C and 238C using induction heating equipment, it is the primary coating applied to most pipelines whether as part of a 3 or 5-layer system or as a dual layer FBE coating.

SERIMAX FJC have developed the Orbiter FBE Robot for Landlines and Spoolbases which is a fully automated system that is equally adaptable for use on vessels. PLC control panels are used to optimise uniform powder flow, and ensure the DFT (Dry Film Thickness) is achieved whilst ensuring minimal waste and impact to the immediate environment.

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read moreSerimax FJC is part of the Serimax Group who is a full service welding company offering fully integrated welding solutions for operations on land and at sea, in the most extreme conditions and challenging environments whilst being tailored to the specific needs and requirements of our clients. Offering operational, technical, logistical, R&D, engineering project management, training, heavy lift and fabrication skills. Our skill sets include automatic/manual welders, electrical/mechanical technicians, plant and mechanical operators, HSEQS specialists, R&D, logistical teams and support services both internally and externally.
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