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Business Services in Leeds, West Yorkshire Pratts Information Store is a fast growing business review website for Leeds. We are your go-to online resource for finding a local business right here in Leeds. Whether you need a wedding Photographer, Advertising Agency or a local Chiropractor, we can help you find the right company that can handle the job.
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read morePratt's Information store is your go-to online resource for finding a local business right here in Leeds. Whether you need your fridge repaired or your windows clean we can help you find the right company that can handle the job. Born and raised in Leeds myself, i value our local community and want to see it grow and thrive. I understand the value of doing business locally and the impact it can have on our communities. We want to see job growth and business success throughout our city and that is why we put together this guide to help you find the right local business for whatever you may need.
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read moreBuying local represents an investment in the community, whether it one in which you reside on a full-time basis, or supporting the economy of your favorite getaway destination. Wherever you may find yourself, an effort to seek out local business for your scaffolding rental needs sustains more than individual communities. It supports the world. When shopping locally, especially for scaffolding rental or other heavy equipment, you can be sure the client occupies our highest interest, not a stock quote in a server room half a world away.
Leeds Roofing Company
read moreSo my life has been overtaken lately doing repairs to my pride and joy, my humongous summerhouse at the bottom of my garden! I have previous had sheds/outhouses but find that traditional roofs always end up leaking and need replacing every fews years after our usual yearly winds. I decided to do something different for a summer house with a roof space that is over 18 square meters. So I did some research on rubber roofs that I been hearing a lot about lately. I did a quick google search to find a roofer in Leeds and came across a company in Leeds that had some great reviews.
August 2018
read moreAfter reading a variety of articles explaining the benefits of wall coating, as well as seeing the visual improvements it can make to a property, I was eager to give it a go myself. I purchased a roller and a couple tins of paint and began searching through tutorial videos on Youtube to see what I could find. Armed with my tools and freshly acquired knowledge, I stepped outside and after trying relentlessly for a few hours, it was evident that I would need some more help. After a quick search for Wall Coatings in Leeds and a few phone calls, I received a well-priced estimate from a staff member at Jag Wall Coatings and we arranged a date for their visit.
May 2017
read moreIf you're looking to open a local business in the United Kingdom, then there's no shortage of cities to choose from. However, you should set up your local business in Leeds (ok, i know that i am biased!). Here are the top benefits of setting up your local business in Leeds. Transportation System- As a local business owner, you want customers to have easy access to your business, regardless of where they are coming from. Leeds has an amazing transportation system, which makes it easy for people to get around Leeds and for people to get into Leeds City Centre, if they are arriving from the outskirts of the city.
December 2016
read moreWhen looking for the best refrigeration repair service in Leeds, you want someone who can deal with the hassle of handling a broken drown refrigerator. You also definitely want it to work as efficiently as it can after repairs have been made on it. While you are in the process of finding a refrigerator repair service person, hiring a local one may be a better option to hiring one from a national chain. 1. RELIABILITY: You need a refrigeration repair service whose work and words can be relied on.
September 2018
read moreAs you may know from a previous post, i recently moved into a new house. In my old house i had previously experimented with an electric underfloor system as oppose to a radiator. Bad Move! I found the electric system to be slow to heat, un-economical and a liability (more about that later). I went for an electric underfloor heating system as i was planning on installing a fabulous high spec, white laminate floor in my upstairs "Man Cave". So i needed a system that was low level and could be fitted on top of the existing floorboards without raising the level of the floor too much.
March 2018
read moreSo after many years of procrastination, i see that the wind buffers have finally been installed around bridgewater Place. I used to work in an office around the corner from there and i can tell you for a fact that, it was incredibly hazardardous trying to walk to the tesco express shop in the building when there was any kind of wind. One day I was walking along between the Grove Inn and the ramp leading up to Tesco and i was literally lifted up off my feet and thrown a meter to the side. I have seen people hanging on to the railings for dear life as they tried to negotiate the ten foot wide alleyway between the Grove and the side of Bridgewater Place (pictured above).
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