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Interior Designer in Frome, Somerset My Interiors Coach is a Somerset based interior company; producing high quality visuals for clients who like to keep control of their interior decisions, but like some digital help.

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The best interior design tool of 2019
read moreThinking of creating a new home story? Updating,renovating or a restructure? See it in accurate 3D, no imagination or guesswork. Most people find it hard to imagine an interior concept. Digital tools, rich in imagery and detail let you see if your vision and design works for your lifestyle.


Louise McCarron
read moreMy consultation with Annie at myinteriorscoach helped me visualise my tired and dated Victorian 2-bed terrace as a stylish and contemporary home with a modern open plan layout.

Being able to see how different furnishings and colour schemes impact the light and mood was really helpful, and its amazing how the software lets you 'walk' around your future home!

Id thoroughly recommend using myinteriorscoach when planning major renovations. I now feel more confident about making major structural changes (and avoiding expensive mistakes!), as well as creating a cohesive interior style for my home.
Sue Ross
read moreHeres the thing. We have been debating update versus move for years. And I mean years! And the result is a lovely house that has been our family home for over 25 years that is now looking tired and in need of a makeover - a bit like its owners. Having finally decided to stay put, we had basic ideas about structural changes to bring the house into todays way of living, but no idea how to best achieve what we thought we wanted. In danger of slipping back into even more years of raging indecision, - enter Annie!! I think she spotted the challenge during our first conversation, but undaunted she came over to see for herself. Rather than announcing that she had all the answers straight off, she spent time getting to know what did and didnt work for us; finding out what current pieces were important; what colour palettes, textures and shapes we liked. It was challenging, illuminating and - most importantly for me - it lit a spark of excitement about what might be possible where before the prospect had simply felt daunting and a massive chore.
Today was the next stage in the process - Annie returned with a proposal for an enlarged kitchen and dining area which has both of us buzzing and keen to get started. Not only has she come up with ideas that we both love, we can see how we can tie it in to the rest of the house, so that there is a truly harmonious feel. Being able to see how the kitchen would be in 3D was so helpful - when you are considering big (expensive) changes it can be very hard to visualise and that can make commitment difficult. The suggested use of colour and lighting comes across well too and again it is reassuring to be able to see it in the 3D setting.
This is the first time we have used a service like this, and I would not hesitate to recommend Annie to anyone else considering if this is for them. It has really helped us and I am confident now that we will be able to achieve a workable, homely space that also looks great.
Lucy Hewitt
read moreI am very pleased to be able to recommend My Interiors Coach. From the outset Annie took the time to get to know me and discover what was important to me about my kitchen/dining space. With her emphasis on the coaching approach, Annie was able to insightfully pick up on my preferences and attuned her suggestions and ideas to ones she felt would suit me, always careful to ensure that it was what I liked and what would fit around me and my family that was important. I felt like my needs for the project and my taste in design were fully respected and taken into consideration throughout the process. Annie was able to identify areas where I might want to splash out and spend more or restrict spending to fit with my budget. At each stage she was careful to keep in mind the unique character of the 1700 townhouse property and was able to offer suggestions for how to accentuate the features that I wanted to keep. The final design was presented to me as a 3D walk-through and Annie had done even more than I'd expected. She had taken the design brief and used her knowledge and design skill to come up with ideas for how to use the space in ways I never would have thought of for myself. She ended up virtually transforming the whole ground floor of my house, giving me an opportunity to see the potential that it has, both in a practical and aesthetic sense. There are many opportunities that I can see I would have missed out on if I had opted for my own simple ideas for how to transform the space. There are aspects of the design that I might not use as my budget wont allow for all of them, but, as I have felt through the whole process, those decisions are mine to make and I will certainly take a lot away from having worked with Annie.
Louise Nicholl
read moreBefore Annies visit I had always found it difficult to visualise changes to the interior layout of my loft style flat. I had become tired of how things looked and lacked ideas about how to add what was missing. The whole process was enlightening from beginning to end. Annie listened carefully to what I was looking for and was sensitive to how much I wanted to change colours and layout. Even on her first visit she gave me simple ideas about how to arrange the pictures and soft furnishings I already had to make the most of the space and also reflect my own personality and interests. Annies graphics were really helpful and enabled me to see exactly how things could be both a safe and a more daring option with layout and colours. She then listened to what I liked about the new layout and showed me what changes I could make without a huge cost outlay. Annies warm ,open approach was so helpful throughout the process she could see possibilities I couldnt even imagine!
Lucy Anna
read moreIt was great working with Annie - she really helped us and gave us the inspiration we needed. She is very friendly and easy to work with. Her work, presentation and communication with us throughout was amazing. I highly recommend her


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read moreThis is a unique process we've developed. Get to know your unique personality design blueprint and you'll be so confident afterwards, able to create spaces perfect for you and others. Most design ideas come at the start. Book me for a 2 hour session to: audit your space, develop a brief, create some ideas, outline concepts, colours, lighting etc. Whether you need help in a specific area or with everything this is a good starting point. And it's great value for money. We work closely with our clients to understand their culture, workplace personality and work habits so that we can design a space that not only looks fantastic, but also helps people do their jobs well every day.
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