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Accountant in London We are an award-winning and certified firm of accountants and bookkeepers across Ireland and the UK. We specialise in the supply of accounting and bookkeeping services leaving you free to concentrate on running and growing your core business.
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Annual Accounts
read moreDirectors of limited companies must submit annual accounts and the corporation tax return to Revenue generally within nine months of the end of their financial year. This is a complex process requiring professional expertise and specialist systems. Its rare for either to be found outside recognised accounting firms.
Bookkeeping Services
read moreGood bookkeeping is the foundation of good business.
At Lansdowne Francs, we know how important accurate bookkeeping is. Its vital for the health of your business and it can keep costs down as accountants generally charge more if your books are kept badly.
read moreSick pay, maternity pay, loans, salary sacrifice schemes and tax code changes all contribute to the complexity of even a small businesss payroll function.
Adding to that are your statutory reporting requirements, which require specialist software. So if payroll goes wrong, youll have both internal and external issues to deal with and possibly fines to pay.
Our payroll services removes that whole burden away from you. Using our payroll software, well pay your employees on time, ensuring they receive accurate payslips. At the same time well create and submit your statutory reports to, such as Real Time Information (RTI) PAYE submission, which is due every time you pay your employees.
VAT Services
read moreFirstly, well determine whether you need to be VAT registered at all and if so, process your registration.
If youre already registered, well assess your existing processes and ensure theyre fully compliant.
Well also deal with any special circumstances relating to your organisation. If you run a charity, for example, some of your purchases will be exempt from VAT. If you sell goods online across the world, there are processes youll need in place to ensure youre paying the correct VAT.
Then, well use our software to ensure your VAT returns are prepared correctly and on time. As part of our accounting service, we can also help you ensure you have the necessary cash flow to make your VAT payments.
Should you run into any difficulties in paying your VAT, we can negotiate with Revenue on your behalf.


SLW Limited
read moreWe have been with Lansdowne Francs for over 10 years and have appreciated their advice and support through the growth of my company to its eventual sale. They have been a huge addition to our team and I cannot stress enough how pleased I was with the support provided during the sale process. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.
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