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Now, not only can you save hundreds of pounds when you switch your gas and electric with but on top of that they are now offering an amazing 12 months free membership to the ever popular Hi-Life Diners Club.†

Half Price Meals - Thatís right!† Switch just one or both of your fuels or sign up for home or life insurance via and you can enjoy half price meals at some of the UKís most fabulous restaurants - Howís that for value!

Donít Miss Out! - You can now join the other 200,000 Hi-Life Diners Club members and enjoy 12 months of 2 for 1 dining at over 4,000 restaurants nationwide.

These include such fabulous restaurants and eateries as hosted by top chefs such as Marco Pierre White, Gary Rhodes, Nigel Smith and many more.† The list of restaurants will also include, your local favourites - absolutely free!

Eating in or Out?† Save with
With cheaper gas and electricity and free 2 for 1 dining courtesy of it is now cheaper to eat in and cheaper to eat out. You donít even have to worry about spending money on the telephone. Just leave your name and number, then choose when you would like to receive a call back from one of our friendly assistants.
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Expires OnDec 31, 2013
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