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Our Create a Website with WordPress short-course is now on sale at over 28% off the regular price of £139.00. 

start our website class on Saturday and we'll teach you the software, add-ons, and plugins that get you up and running by Sunday afternoon with all the advantages of WordPress! You can have your website up in just one weekend.

Link here to register for our weekend  WEBSITE SHORT COURSE.

Having a presense on the internet is essential for businesses large and small. For many customers you're not a legitmate business if you don't have a website. Starting, growing, and maintaining a business today requires more than just advertising on the web, it requires having your own site.

With our WordPress course you don't have to learn programing code. The course is designed around the leading edge of website design programs, add-ons, and plugins to get your website up and functional in just one weekend. Walk in on Saturday, walk out on Sunday with your own website. You may want to make additional changes to the site fine tuning it further to your own specifications. And, you'll be on your way with the skills you need.

While most website courses cost from £350.00 to £800.00, our WEBSITE SHORT COURSE is currently on offer for only £99.00 (normally £139.00). You can build your website and learn to manage content and install necessary plugins in just two days.

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