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Janie's Mobile School's courses are all based around the school curriculum. The only difference being is that we do not move on to a new topic, until your child has grasped the last.

A brief summary of what is taught:

English: reading, phonetic sounds, spellings, grammar, sentence building, essay/story writing.

Maths: times tables, basic arithmetic, mental maths, algebra, area, volume, geometry, trigonometry.

Prices: Key Stages 1 and 2: £20 per hour. Key Stages 3 and 4: £25 per hour. All our prices are fully inclusive, meaning the only thing your child needs to bring to each lesson, is themselves. Each new student receives a complimentary pencil case, filled with the essentials for each lesson. Fees are paid in blocks of 5 lessons.


So when choosing your maths tutor or English tutor keep this in mind. Every child works at his/her own pace, some just take that little bit longer than others. If you choose Janie’s Mobile School to tutor your child – remember that our biggest aim is to tutor your child. Yes, it is a business just like anywhere else, but the money IS NOT our main goal. Teaching your child and helping them succeed IS our main goal.

Hope to see you all there soon, and visit our website and Facebook for more information.

Email us with your details: child’s name, area of Chesterfield you live, which course, and a phone number.
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Published OnApr 24, 2014
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