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Pest Control Services in Colchester, Essex
Pest Control Services in Colchester, Essex We are a local pest removal service offering a fast and safe removal of wasp nests in Colchester.
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3 Hillridge, Highwoods
Colchester, Essex
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read moreThere are various reasons why we would recommend using professional and experiences mole catchers to deal with your mole pest problem. Firstly, moles live underground so can be hard to catch. Our staff know exactly where to put the traps in order to catch the moles and deal with the problem as quickly as possible. Secondly, we use high quality traps that dispatch of the mole in the most humane way possible.

read moreYou may hear a buzzing in your loft, see wasps in your garden or, if you are unlucky, feel the sting of a wasp. If you have experienced any of the above, then it is time to take action.

Locating a wasp or hornet nest is not always an easy task. They hide away in warm and secluded places, often inaccessible and hard to reach. We have the equipment, chemicals and experience needed to destroy a wasp nest fast.

Rats & Mice
read moreAt DCM Pest Control, we use two methods of catching rats. The more common method is baiting. We use bromadiolone and brodifacoum based poisons which act as an anticoagulant. Rats are what we call neophobic, which means they are weary of new objects. For this reason it will take up to a week for the pests to feed on the bait.

Rats will need to feed on the poison several times before consuming a lethal dose. This method is chosen as it ensures the rats do not become suspicious of the bait and so the entire colony of rats can be dispatched. We also use mk 4 fenn traps in tunnels and snap break back traps when necessary.

read moreBird droppings can, if left undisturbed, build up quickly over a period of time, and the damage they can cause will often be difficult and expensive to deal with. Guano is highly acidic, and can severely compromise the strength of rooftops, guttering, ventilation systems and building facades.

The faeces can cause psittacosis and even salmonella in humans, so their removal needs to be carried out by trained professionals using appropriate safety methods, including protective clothing and respiratory equipment. In extreme cases, the sheer weight of bird droppings can cause roofs to collapse completely.


Mick Prichard
read moreWe returned from travelling to find we had bed bugs in two bed rooms. Both rooms were treated and the problem has gone.

Mrs Webber
read moreAngry hornets were causing us issues during the evening so we needed them sorted asap. Very happy with DCM.

read moreA mole invaded our lawn causing huge damage on the way. As promised the mole was removed very quickly.

Mrs Hails
read moreWe called DCM after finding rat droppings in the loft. The guy came and resolved the problem as promised. Very reasonable price too!

Charlie Merritt
read moreThese guys were great! Came the next day, got a text and an email with my appointment time - wasps killed quickly!

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Diane N.
Aug 28, 2018
Highly recommend!
We needed a wasps nest in the garden to be treated. I had to wait a couple of days for someone to be available, but the service was fast and efficient, and they arrived at the appointed time slot. And a lot cheaper than most other companies which is a bonus.
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