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Tudor Franklin are Independent Financial Advisers with a wealth of experience offering unbiased advice on investments, pensions, mortgages, inheritance tax planning and protection. Our friendly team work with you to achieve the best results.
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Anstey, Leicester, Rutland, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshie
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First Floor, 3 Stadon Road, Anstey
Leicester, Leicestershire
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With so many different options in the marketplace, our expertise and independent status allows us to make the appropriate recommendations and ensure they link back to your goals. The solutions we recommend could be finding ways to grow your money, to provide you with an additional income, or a combination of both. It is important to understand that all investments (even cash in the bank) will carry some form of risk. Our ethos is to understand you, appreciate your preferences on risk and give you enough information to help you make an informed choice. An important part of this step is to also consider tax efficiency and how this ties back to your tax position today as well as in the future.
Over recent years the government has introduced changes in the way that you can build up and spend your pension fund.

What this means to you is that there are many more options, more freedom but also far more decisions to make. We understand that for some this can be daunting and you may be worried about making the wrong choices. We believe that choice is a good thing, as long as you make the right one... we will be here to make sure that happens.
There are many ways that you can protect yourself and your family, and there is usually a solution to meet most circumstances and budgets. Remember that it is you, your health and your income that will allow you to lead the life that you want and will underpin all of your own financial goals.
Client Testimonials
Testimonial #1
I don't feel that Richard could have added more value, he has been open and forthright at all stages, happy to answer our questions and explain in detail what can be an extremely complex subject.
ByScott and Alison
Testimonial #2
Richard helped us with our retirement decisions and in particular helping me to understand the benefits available through my company pension scheme. His support with this made it an easy decision to continue and take advice regarding how to invest the money that I received as a lump sum. After an initial interview, Richard discussed the options we had and offered his solution in a way that complemented our thoughts. That being said, he did challenge us during this process by picking up on my wife's reluctance regarding risk and spending time educating her in connection with this without disrespecting her views. Once we had agreed possible solutions, he organised a report and presented this in a way that was clear and jargon free. He gave us plenty of time to reflect on the advice and I was impressed at the time he spent checking my wife understood and was comfortable with his suggestions.
BySidney and Joy
Testimonial #3
We needed advice as we had been left a substantial amount of money from my late mother's will. We were a little nervous but Richard put our minds at ease really quickly as it was clear that he was genuinely interested in us and our views rather than blinding us with science. He explained all about different risks and different investments on a level that made sense to us. We feel he is very honest and professional and he exceeded our expectations.
BySteve and Anthea
Testimonial #4
We are delighted with how Richard has helped us and fostered our trust in him. We are completely confident that he understands us and our approach to risk and investments and will recommend him to others.
ByKevin and Liz
Testimonial #5
We had a number of meetings over a couple of months during which Bharat thoroughly investigated our finances and our aims and plans and assessed our attitude to risk. We had, as a basic, aim to minimise IHT so that our children would not have a huge tax bill to pay on our demise. We were surprised at how in depth this review was and no detail escaped his attention over a period of months. Finally he recommended a Discretionary Gift Trust in favour of our children, and this was drawn up and invested. Obviously the earlier you start one the better! We consider that his approach has always been absolutely straight, with no pressure whatsover at any stage.
ByIan & Kathleen
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