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A small independent counselling service in Leeds City Centre.
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87 Whitehall Waterfront, 2 Riverside Way
Leeds, West Yorkshire
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Depression is an emotion that we have all felt from time to time.  Usually these types of emotions come and go but sometimes they stay with us and get in the way of our everyday functioning.  It is then that they become a problem for us.

Counselling for depression can treat both symptoms and the route causes of your depression.
Emotional Issues
Counselling for emotional problems will help you address and overcome issues that are causing emotional pain or distress.    Emotional turmoil can be brought about by many things.  It can be brought about by some immediate crisis or a longer term issue such as a persistent unhappiness in a relationship. It can also be driven by how we are relating to other people.
Family, Divorce & Separation
Counselling for issues in your family life can entail an exploration of feelings and emotions concerning the day today functioning within your family unit.   These feelings and emotions can be explored and unpacked allowing you get a clearer perspective on your current position informing your thoughts and feelings for the future.
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