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This all began in 2007 when I was lucky enough to be on a trip to the Sahara Desert. In the evenings we would camp out in tents under this wonderful expanse of stars. However, to my horror, instead of pillows we were given sandbags to sleep on. I had never been able to get a peaceful nightís sleep on a normal pillow so the thought of sleeping on a hard sandbag filled me with dread. However, I soon found that by poking a little hole into the sandbag and creating a little pocket of air for my ear I would not only be comfortable but I would be more comfortable than Iíd ever been before.
This got me thinking and I couldnít wait to get home to work on designs.
After returning home and with that experience in mind I began to design and make prototypes of what became The Original P.W.A.Hô.
Some designs were more successful than others, of course, but on my first night of trying out one of my prototypes I was struck by the fact that I had slept on my side throughout the whole night and did not once wake in pain or discomfort. The following night I made another prototype pillow and it was even better!
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  • Family run
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7 Hulley Road
Macclesfield, Cheshire
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Testimonial #1
I had a sore on the top of my ear for three years, told to use Hydrocortisone cream by GP with little effect, have been using one of your pillows for about six weeks now and the sore has healed beautifully. Thank you. Itís a simple but marvellous invention!
ByShirley R.
Testimonial #2
I just got my pillow today. Iím so excited to use it. My hubby snores and I wear ear plugs. I tried it out with them in and no pain. I think you saved our marriage.
ByAmber E.
Testimonial #3
I would like to thank you so much for your comfortable pillow which has made such a difference to my sleep pattern.
Congratulations to Judy and all at your company for helping everyone to get a good nightís sleep.
Yours sincerely
ByRayna P.
Testimonial #4
Mum has been suffering with pain on the outer rim of her ear while sleeping for such a long time we never thought we would find a cure! After just one night sleeping on this very comfortable pillow, it has solved the problem completely! She is now recommending it to everyone and her neighbor has purchased one for herself. She is really happy and would like to say a BIG Thank you.
ByJane S.
Testimonial #5
I just wanted to send a message to say thank you so much for making and shipping the Pillow with a Hole that I recently ordered so quickly.
This has made a huge difference to my husband, who regularly suffers with ear problems and we have struggled for a long time with large amounts of different medicines which have not helped, we began to think there was something more seriously wrong and after months of test, scans and worrying he has finally been given the all clear for anything neurological. He was still feeling uncomfortable and waking up every day feeling groggy but since receiving this pillow my husband is getting back to his normal self and is finally waking up pain free and happy again.
Its been a horrible year so far and the impact this has had on my husband is incredible.
ByLauren C.
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