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Successful debt recovery is crafted by being the moment when preparation and opportunity meet. When we have contacted your debtor, we are particularly conscious that the first point of contact is both an art and a science and this is the point where many debt recovery organisations make the most mistakes. It is the point where The C&H Group excels.
For many people calling a customer to ask them for money isn’t the highlight of their day. In fact, in most over worked and under staffed credit departments collection calls are placed dead last or fall off the “to-do list” altogether.

Why? Reasons vary. But basically, the truth is that making collection calls takes most people out of their comfort zone. They don’t feel confident with the process so they fear embarrassment or failure. To galvanise a client to make payment, every word said to them is critical. You need to be an expert on the telephone, someone with years of experience in being able to read a person’s intentions from the slightest indication, so that the most appropriate approach is made in order to secure a fast and ethical payment method.

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83 Ducie Street
Manchester, Greater Manchester
M1 2JQ
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0333 355 1929
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Small Business Solutions
In addition to being fully equipped to deal with blue chip companies and corporate debts, The C&H Group also excel in managing debt recovery for small businesses. Many small businesses such as sole traders will not have an accounts department to help them to secure payments. If you are a sole trader then your skill is in what you provide, whether you are an accountant, a builder, plumber or photographer – you should be allowed to concentrate on what you do best. Retrieving a payment from a difficult customer can often take up a significant amount of time and resources for a one man band, and if debt recovery is not part of your skill set then it can also be fruitless.
Consumer Debt Recovery
As experts in debt collection we are conscious that a different approach may be utilised in order to retrieve debts from consumers. Our approach involves a combination of techniques including formal approaches by letter, email and text. In over 80% of cases we are able to recover a consumer debt without the procedure necessitating a phone call or visit.
Credit Checking
The C&H Group are very much of the opinion that if you take the correct steps early on, you can minimise the need for a debt recovery system at the back end. As part of our commitment to our clients, we offer a fast real time credit checking facility allowing you to routinely credit check new and existing customers to give you the peace of mind you need before entering into an agreement with them. Knowing your customers have the financial means to honour payments allows you to manage your cash flow and concentrate on running your business.
Insolvency Management
Our ability to carry out forensic accounting processes means that we have an impeccable record of retrieving debts which would, in many cases, simply be written off. By working closely with some of the country’s best insolvency practitioners, we have supported many cases to ensure people receive what they are due. Cases include being able to investigate whether a company director has traded wrongfully or fraudulently which, when proven by ourselves and our partners, means we are enabled to take the necessary steps via the liquidator to allow personal assets to be retrieved.
Client Testimonials
Testimonial #1
The staff at C&H ensure that their clients are always clearly informed of what they are undertaking on your behalf and their response times are excellent. They have worked hard to ensure that any of their staff who may handle our files have an understanding of how our business works as some files may contain very technical contract matters, so they take the trouble to ensure staff are trained to handle these in the correct fashion.
Testimonial #2
The C&H Group have an experienced team who consistently strive to deliver the result and work with their clients to maximise recovery returns. This coupled with an accurate reporting system means you are always aware about what stage your recovery files are up to.

I would recommend C&H Group as a recovery solution for your bad debts particularly difficult bad debtors.
Testimonial #3
Our business has been using The C&H Group since 2012 and we value the convenience of being able to use the online portal to track our recovery files. We rely on their staff knowledge and expertise to provide a quality service and we are more than satisfied with the outcomes achieved to date.

I would have no hesitation in recommending The C&H Group to others as a part of their claims management process.
0333 355 1929
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