SFX Technology LtdComputer Repair in Cardiff, Wales

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Our engineers will make sure that when your laptop or computer is returned it is set up ready for you to use. This means that your operating systems will be correctly installed with the right drivers and configurations. We know that your on-line security is important. Will install security and anti-virus software for you. We can also advise you on setting up parental controls to help the whole family use the internet safely.
For business customers, we can advise on anti-virus, spyware and network security. Our senior Engineer has completed the CPTS training. All of our engineers are Microsoft trained with a wealth of experience working with Windows, OS X and Linux operating systems. SFX offers a number of Computer support packages and computer repair services.
SFX has amazing deals on laptops and PCs. These top quality refurbished laptops and PCs are at rock bottom prices and come with great warranties! Check out our SHOP now for the latest deals.
Free of charge, SFX will install anything you purchase in your home or business. This includes setting up internet access, printers and other gadgets.

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20A Glebe Street
Cardiff, Wales
CF64 1EE
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