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At Notting Hill College is an accredited institution specialises vocational and English training. We are accredited by ASIC and BAC, this distinguishes us and proves the quality of training we provude. Notting Hill College promotes nationally recognised qualifications in the field of business and teacher training. Programmes ranges from award level to extended diploma level. Our popular qualifications are L3 Award in Education and Training QCF L4 Certificate in Education and Training QCF L5 Certificate in TEFL QCF L6 Diploma in TEFL RCF L4 Extended Diploma in Management RCF L5Extended Diploma in Management RCF L6 Extended Diploma in Management RCF L7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management RCF English school in Manchester. We strive to make learning English a rewarding experience. We understand that everyone is different and that is why we give special attention to our students’ individual needs. To address this diversity of needs we offer a wide spectrum of courses including General English courses for all levels IELTS Preparation courses Preparation for SELT exams ( Trinity College London) English skills for life (from Entry 1 to level 2) Preparation for the different English exams required for divers licence. Courses are either in small groups ,aximum 6 or private tuition (one-to-one / one-to-two courses.)
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Manchester, Greater Manchester
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Testimonial #1
My name is Ms. Diana Almahariq. I joined Notting Hill College at RAK for TESOL – Theory and Methodology. It made me confident and inspired me to be a more dedicated teacher. Now my lessons are more effective and I am a competent teacher
ByMs. Diana Almahariq
Testimonial #2
Teaching is all about overcoming obstacles and finding solutions. After some years each and every one of us, teachers, needs a breath of fresh air and new ideas to be able to carry on. In NHC I found al I needed - creativity, support and a great, full of passion vision of teaching. Thank you for that. After taking a course with you I do feel renewed and stronger. And filled with brand new resources and ideas for my current and future classes.
BySusan Pilch
Testimonial #3
My experience with Notting Hill College was excellent! I honestly didn't know what to expect before signing up because I had never done any kind of online course before. I highly recommend anyone looking for a TEFL certificate program to choose Notting Hill College. I intend to look into what other programs are available to continue my education in the future.
ByAmanda Eiklor
Testimonial #4
It was a great experience, and one I am glad I have taken. The staff are knowledgeable and always there to help. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
ByKhalid Said
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Karlyn Pass
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