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LPG Save, a division of Power & Gas Networks Ltd, specialise in all aspects of Domestic and Commercial LPG procurement, from finding the right Bulk LPG Supplier for you, Bulk Tank LPG, Cylinders, Prices and Price Comparison and Switching.
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PO Box 53, 60 Water Lane
Wilmslow, Cheshire
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0845 2222 045
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Bulk & Cylinder LPG for Home and Business

If you are an existing domestic user of Bulk LPG (Propane) then from 13th April 2009 you are able to switch LPG supplier without the need to change your bulk LPG tank. Instead the tank will simply transfer to your new LPG supplier making the switching process easier and quicker for both the customer and your new LPG supplier.

A†typical domestic user of LPG can save in the region of £500* per year by switching their supplier with http://www.lpg-save.co.uk. The more gas that you use the higher the savings.

During the switching process your domestic gas supply will not be interrupted. Because your tank is not being exchanged you are guaranteed continuity of supply.

If you have an exclusive supply agreement with an LPG supplier then you will be notified in writing when your exclusivity period is coming to the end. At this time you will be eligible to switch to another LPG supplier.

PriceBulk LPG from Just 34ppl for Business
0845 2222 045
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