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You will have the opportunity to experience life behind the wheel of the very best.  Whether it be for a wedding, a party, a romantic getaway or if you are just looking to impress a friend, we will tailor our supercar hire package to meet your exact needs.


The Italian brand, Lamborghini, is one of the more exotic choices you can make when it comes to supercar selection. If you are looking for something that has the ability to make heads turn and jaws drop, Lamborghini is definitely our recommended choice.


While not as ‘shouty’ as some of the other Italian brands, the Maserati offers a true luxury feel and very high level of comfort.  For this reason, the Maserati has become a very popular choice for weddings as it offers practicality and at the same time is still able to produce the ‘wow factor’.


Ferrari is another Italian brand and is one of the most desirable supercar brands on the planet.  There is something special about driving a Ferrari and you will certainly feel that.  There is no easier way to gain instant respect than turning up in a Ferrari.  Everyone recognises the distinct purring sound of a Ferrari engine but only the person sitting behind the wheel can truly enjoy the power.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin is one of the most sought after British brands and has produced some of the most desirable cars on the market.  Their range combines the perfect combination of luxury, performance and comfortability.  Aston Martin, in particular, boasts a much classier feel than many of the other supercar types which is one of the main reasons it became part of ‘James Bond’ brand.
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61-67 King Street
Manchester, Greater Manchester
M2 4PD
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Very pleased with the service provided by guys at JK Supercars and the Ferrari F430 was superb condition. This was a surprise birthday giftnfor a family member and we got exactly the reaction we were hoping for. We still can't get enough of that sound!
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