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HYPOXI Knightsbridge is a slimming & cellulite clinic in the heart of Knightsbridge. The method uses high tech vacuum technology and gentle kinetic exercise to target specific body areas, i.e. stomach, hips, thighs and legs. Our friendly team of experts will help you achieve your goals and make the "New You" possible.
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185-187 Brompton Road
Chelsea, London
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HYPOXI therapy
HYPOXI is a fast fat burning method which is provides quick and easy results. We take measurements at the start of your treatment and at the end to show you just how much fat youíve lost over the course of the treatment.

The team here at HYPOXI Knightsbridge can provide you with a nutritional plan thatís well-balanced- ensuring that youíre eating the right foods to prevent an increase in fat deposits both during and after your course of treatment.

Your progress will be monitored and your treatment will be supervised by a qualified professional, so if youíre considering HYPOXI therapy, you can rest assured that youíre in capable hands!

Client Testimonials
Testimonial #1
Dajana and Svetlana are extremely friendly, accomodating and providing a wealth of knowledge about how the treatment works.
Every session they check on you how you are feeling, offering guidance on how results could be improved (Hypoxi diet plan) to hit maximum results. Measurements are being taken before and after the course of 6/12 treatments to give personalised feedback which is really valuable!
I cannot recommend it enough!
With commitment and dedication it is a real game changer!!
Thank you for all your help!!
ByEva Jedrzejewski Pradhan
Testimonial #2
The best thing about Hypoxi for me hasn't just been dramatically helping with weight loss (60.5cm/18lbs so far and a definite difference in my cellulite), but they also helped me see where I've been going wrong with my diet (things I never expected which are apparently common mistakes) :). The team are wonderfully supportive and friendly.
If you're considering trying this treatment, I definitely recommend it! Hypoxi has helped me change my body and my life :D
ByJacqui Spear
Testimonial #3
I had my last Hypoxi session today. I feel sad as I loved coming here. Diana, who runs Hypoxi Knightsbridge, gives her best attention to every client and provides a very personal guidance through the program. After the first week I've started noticing the difference in my body and overall energy levels. Lymphatic drainage is god to get the fluids moving and wake up the stubborn bits. You do need to follow some eating rules (reduced carbs and alcohol) and do some exercise (light cardio) on non-Hypoxi days for the better results. I feel very happy with my final measurements which are a great proof that Hypoxi worked for me! I would definitely recommend it if you want to kick start your inch loss and get the confidence that you can improve the way your body looks!
ByAnna Kulikova
Testimonial #4
I absolutely LOVE Hypoxi. It's the ultimate, minimal effort yet maximum results workout. Not only amazing for shaping and toning, Hypoxi is the only thing I have ever found that totally banishes cellulite. The Hypoxi studio in Knightsbridge is a little haven of relaxation. Ideally located on the Brompton Road so always easy to get to. Dajana, the studio owner, is a wonderful, friendly lady - very helpful and supportive. I'm a big fan of Hypoxi Knightsbridge.
ByKim Pearson
Testimonial #5
I had really amazing results after my course of Hypoxi sessions I lost 3kg and 10 cm. It's really quick and Dajana is absolutely lovely. I really recommend.
ByRoz Brabner
Testimonial #6
Amazing weight loss and cellulite reduction clinic located in a vibrant area! You improve your body shape while gently exercising in a special pod! As a result you have toned muscles, smooth skin, and fat mass burnt! Like a very special guest at the beginning you become a family member further.
I am personally very impressed that I managed to lose 2,5 inches in my waist circumference after 12 sessions and not regaining them anymore.
BySvetlana Dranitsyna
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