Horsham Swim SchoolPrivate School in Horsham, West Sussex

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Horsham Swim School is the number one swim school in Sussex, With over 54 hours of lessons a week nobody in Horsham teaches more children to swim than the Horsham Swim School. 

Morriswood Swimming pool is our trump! is am amazing pool heated to 34 degrees its such a welcoming pool that children love to swim in.  Customers come from all over West Sussex, Crawley and Horsham residents in particular choose to swim with the Horsham Swim School.  
Areas Served
Crawley, Horsham, West Sussex, Southwater,
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  • Website: horshamswimschool.co.uk
  • Servicing residential clients only
  • Licensed and insured
  • Year established: 2017
  • Number of employees: 6
Professional Associations, Trade Bodies & Certifications
  • ASA and Swim England registered swim school
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Morriswood, Old Holbrook
Horsham, West Sussex
RH12 4TW
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Products & Services
Baby Swimming Lessons
Your baby will be developing and learning, from building confidence and strength to nurturing co-ordination and language skills.  You will have the pleasure of seeing your baby having a whale of a time, whilst simultaneously strengthening that bond between you.  These Horsham Swim School sessions are a great way to make friends too – plenty of our groups meet up away from the pool.

After spending so many months suspended in fluid in the womb, it’s not surprising that babies have a natural affinity for water; in fact, floating in a warm pool will feel more familiar to them than being on dry land.
Babies and Pre-school Children
Children’s After school swimming ( 4 to 10 years old)
Private lessons for Adults or Children.
Intensive crash holiday courses (We run three per year, please enquire for details of our next course)

Have you decided to enrol your child in swimming lessons with the Horsham Swim School? Then you’ve made a great decision as there are so many benefits to teaching your child to swim. Most importantly, it teaches them water safety and could one day prevent them from drowning, which is the third-biggest cause of accidental death amongst children under five in the UK. In addition, swimming lessons can be great for your child’s physical and mental health and development. In fact, each lesson is a whole-body work out and strengthens your child’s heart and lungs.
Client Testimonials
Testimonial #1
Small lessons in a private pool in North Horsham, They run mother and baby classes during the day and after school lessons for older children. The views from the swimming pool are amazing overlooking the whole of Horsham.
ByTony Hogben
Testimonial #2
Really love this pool, as do our children. Set in lovely grounds with plenty of safe parking the pool itself is warm and welcoming. Changing rooms are modern and clean and the teaching staff are fantastic. All in all a winning combination and recommended without hesitation. We'll be back!
ByAdam Smith
Testimonial #3
Horsham Swim School is run at a fantastic facility in the beautiful grounds of Morriswood. The pool is lovely and warm and the changing and parking is brilliant enough spaces for everyone.. The teaching staff have years of swimming experience and the classes are small giving the children quality teaching.
ByLinda Hooker
Testimonial #4
A wonderful pool which is clean, a lovely temperature and beautiful setting with AMAZING teachers. You really couldn't ask for more. My boys love it we can't thank you enough!
BySmita Warren
Testimonial #5
Horsham Swim School is fantastic. Lovely warm pool, great facilities and easy parking. My children's swimming teacher is amazing with kids: warm, friendly and encouraging. I can recommend to anyone.
ByFiona Carpenter
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