Hammur IT ServicesComputer Repair in Glasgow, Scotland

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We are a company based in East Kilbride. Established in 2014 we pride ourselves on providing a superior proactive customer experience and making a relevant contribution to support the day-to-day business of our clients. We operate in all areas around the UK offering professional IT support and information technology services to clients in all industries. Through a comprehensive portfolio of IT services we help our customers address IT sourcing challenges, innovate with new IT solutions and embrace the cloud through exciting managed services.


We are a total IT support solutions provider offering IT services, VOIP telecoms and IT security specific to individual business requirements. We specialise in providing Cloud Computing that is designed around your needs. Whether that is Hosted Backup, Hosted Exchange, powerful dedicated Server Hosting, web hosting, SharePoint Hosting or any other business application you run. We pride ourselves in offering a single hosting environment to run any of your business applications and this environment will be dedicated to your business.


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32 Falkland Drive, East Kilbride
Glasgow, Scotland
G74 1JE
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