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The UK Government use tax relief and tax Rebates to help businesses thrive; this drives innovation and new and continued employment opportunities afterall.

The Government reason that for every one pound issued to a UK Limited company, that they receive £6 back on a multiplier basis, so itís win/win for them and the client.

The payment you receive is often spent towards new projects, on paying peoples wages, that are subject to Tax and NI, and then go on to be spent on goods that carry duty i.e. Alcohol, Petrol, Cigarettes, VAT etc.

This really is a case of the Government giving to receive.

When your business receives either a cash rebate or reduction in the amount of tax you have to pay this has the effect of providing a cash boost to your business.

When your business has received a rebate or has more money available then it is more likely to start new projects that could lead to more UK innovation. Any innovations reinforce our countries position as a world leader in science and industry.

The Research and Development incentive is a continuing cycle that feeds valuable funds back into your business.

If your business is in profit, then there is a good chance that you may have over-paid tax whilst undertaking any research and development activities.
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Pepper House, 1 Pepper Road, Hazel Grove
Manchester, Greater Manchester
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Hamilton Wood & Company (Manchester) Limited are R&D Tax Credit Specialists who also provide a full range of business finance, business funding and management consultancy services including:

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