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Today, Excel Trailers is known for it’s superior quality, excellent value for money and professional aftersales service. The Excel Trailers success story has firmly placed the Company as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of mobile catering and exhibition trailers.

The Company’s main premises is in Harlow in Essex and we have Agents across the UK who are proud to be associated with the Excel Trailers brand.
For many people, the purchase of a mobile catering trailer is likely to be a major investment and one in which your future dreams and plans are based on. We know that you expect your mobile catering trailer to last you for many years, to look good, to be practical and functional and to pass rigorous inspections by local authority environmental health departments, health and safety officers, Site Managers and other relevant bodies.

Not only do we have the experience of building great mobile catering trailers, but our management team are also experienced in the actual running of mobile catering trailers, therefore, our invaluable insight ensures that the mobile catering trailer is fit for purpose, built with the customer in mind to operate in the real world and not just from a manufacturing perspective.
We are so confident about the superior quality of our mobile catering trailers that when you visit us at our site in Harlow, Essex we invite you to have a look around our factory and see the quality of skill and care that goes into each and every build of mobile catering trailer. You can also view the progress of your ordered trailer at any stage of the build process.
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25-26 Burnt Mill, Elizabeth Way
Harlow, Essex
CM20 2HU
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Design & Layout of your Mobile Catering Trailer
The design and layout of your mobile catering trailer is critical and the selection of the right catering equipment is very important to the success of your mobile catering business. The catering equipment you choose will significantly impact on how your fast food catering business performs.
Here at Excel Catering Trailers we can advise you on the catering equipment you may need for your fast food business from the size of your Griddles, how many pots in a Bain Marie you may need, whether you need a floor standing or a counter top Fryer, the type of generator you need to power the equipment in your mobile catering trailer, to Commercial Coffee Machines that run on LPG and we can advise you of many more items too.
We pride ourselves on providing high standards of customer care and as your business expands we can advise you of any parts and accessories that you may need to reach your goals.
Client Testimonials
Testimonial #1
Customer service is second to none, im starting a new business and not used to this industry, the team are doing a great job and offering me advice when I don't know much! Keep up the good work!
ByShaun Sedani
Testimonial #2
From the point of ordering, through the building and the after sales have been great.
You get what you pay for. Lots of people on the circuit ask me where I bought the trailer.
ByDavid Patterson
Testimonial #3
When I visited yourselves I had an idea of how I wanted my unit to be fitted out, however, after speaking to you I realised that my plans would have got me in trouble with the environmental health department, you advised me of the best way to fit out the trailer, which would in the long run make it easier to maintain and clean. You also gave me lots of useful advice that I never even thought about. I have just had my first visit from environmental health and they were very impressed with the standard of the unit. Thank you and if you visit our burger van the burgers are on us!
ByJill & Martin
Testimonial #4
I am an engineer by trade, so seeing the trailer being built at the various stages was important to me, I have to say the trailer was built very well.
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