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DES Training & Consultancy are able to offer wide range of services, bespoke to your business needs. 

Whether is it coaching or training, for you or the team, then call the professionals.

We can tailor all training and support to your specific business needs, so we can support you with:

Support for Business Start Up’s, Support to help Business Growth, Business Turn Around Support

Business Coaching

Leadership & Management Skills Training; which includes, Business Essentials, Presentation skills, Equality & Diversity, Financial Management for The Non-Financial Person, Team building, Mental Health Awareness

Sales & Marketing Training which includes; Build a marketing Plan & Marketing Campaign , 75 potential marketing strategies,  Sales Presentation skills, Communication Skills,  75 Sales Strategies

Health & Safety Training, which includes Foundation in Environmental Health & Safety, Health & Safety Awareness, Stress Management,  Risk Management, Foundation in Food Safety, Fire safety Awareness, Fire Warden Training.

Health & Social Care Business Support;

So contact us is you need support in:

1.            Turning around a failing health & social care business, whether is this a care home or home care business. So you need expertise in ensuring you are meeting regulatory standards, achieving

2.            Starting a health & social care business

3.            Growing an existing business, whether new acquisitions, diversification of services, or growth of existing resources.

4.            Tender writing, advise or support in writing winning health & social care tenders.

Health & Social Care Training including; Moving & Handling, Mental Capacity Act (MCA) 2005 & Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS), Protection of Adults, Essential Medication Skills for Domiciliary Care Assistants, Medication skills for Residential Care Homes, Core Medication knowledge for Domiciliary Care Management, Mental Health:

•             Schizophrenia

•             Bipolar

•             Depression & Anxiety

•             Personality Disorders

•             Eating Disorders

Basic Mental Health Awareness course, Dementia Awareness , Infection Control, Person Centred Care & Promoting Independence

Health & Social Care Management Coaching & Mentoring, so do you need support:

•             Senior management or owners in having a coach or mentor to support reviewing, performance management or growth of the business.

•             Developing New or existing Registered Managers in ensuring meet key business objectives

•             Development new or existing other key staff within your organisation including quality, financial or Human Resource individuals or teams

•             Struggling with under performance of Registered or other Managers, then let us help in developing action plans and interventions to address identified issues.

Business Details
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  • Health & Safety
  • Financial Knowledge
  • Health & Social Care Training
  • Business Development
  • Leadership & Management
  • Consultation
  • Coaching
Professional Associations, Trade Bodies & Certifications
  • Chartered Institute of Environmental Health
  • UK Registration of Learning Providers
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16 Manor House
Leeds, West Yorkshire
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01924 769652
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01924 769652
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David Shaw

DES Training & Consultancy is lead by David Shaw, who has 30 years experience in financial sector, learning and development and health & social care.

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