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We use the latest technology to prepare VAT returns and financial statements. If you engage us to do your VAT returns, we will aim to do the work in such a manner that after a year, part of the work of preparing your annual financial statements has been done already, or at least there is no duplication of effort, and then we will pass the savings back to you.


Any bank statements you give us are likely to be scanned in using optical character recognition (OCR) and subsequent processing will be all-electronic for speed. Sometimes we cannot use OCR, so our software is designed for rapid manual keying-in of data using our own auto complete system where nothing ever needs to be done twice.


We are keen users of spreadsheets, and it is our policy that if there is a useful spreadsheet tool that we can produce, then we will. Our first offering in the public domain is an Excel spreadsheet which will show you your business name in a variety of typefaces and colours. You then pick a letterhead style to include in your invoicing software.


We use Excel as our word processor for the many short standard letters that we need to produce. Letters can be assembled reliably and accurately on a spreadsheet with the address and all the reference numbers, and the result can be justified and formatted as in any word processor. Longer letters begin in Excel, but can be transferred to Word if required.

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81 Larch Drive
Carlisle, Cumbria
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01228 533751
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Many businesses trade only through their bank account. If all you have are bank transactions, then just give us your bank statements and cheque book stubs, and let us do the rest.
You may not need to do any bookkeeping at all, and we have very fast methods of dealing with bank statements which mean we actually prefer to do it this way.
VAT Returns
If we do your quarterly VAT returns, we will try to avoid duplication of work when we come to prepare the annual accounts, and pass the benefit back to you. Our specialist bookkeeping software helps us to do this.
TAX Returns
Self-assessment income tax returns sent to HM Revenue & Customs after the October 31st deadline need to be sent electronically, which we are able to do.
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01228 533751
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