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CoLaz Advanced Beauty Specialists is a skin treatment clinic, beauty salon and offers laser hair removal in Reading. Staff also offer a full line of advanced beauty treatments and skincare solutions - from facials, waxing, acne treatment to the skin.
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292 Oxford Rd
Reading, Berkshire
RG30 1AD
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0118 957 6564
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Laser Hair Removal
Laser hair removal is very safe. The technology has improved vastly over the years, and laser practitioners undergo rigorous training before performing treatments on clients.

It really depends on what area of the body and what type of hair you are treating. If you have very thick, coarse hair, you will see an 85- 90% reduction in hair growth. Someone with fine hair will only see a reduction of approximately 45- 60%.

In our experience, permanent laser hair removal on the face is more effective for men than for women because women tend to grow new and more hair on their faces as they get older. This can be caused by changes in hormones, menopause, or medication.

However, laser treatment to women's bikini area, underarms, and legs usually produces a 95% permanent reduction.
From the ultimate pampering experience to the latest research technology which leaves no blackhead untreated.Here at CoLaz, our experts will find the right facial remedy to suit you and your skin.

Busy lifestyles and daily street pollution can play havoc with our skin; no one knows this better than CoLaz. Thatís why we advise a facial every 4 to 8 weeks to rejuvenate your face and restore your skinís natural glow.

Maintain the beauty and freshness of your skin with our wide range of deep cleansing facials. Combat dryness, oiliness and acne scarring at any age with our top-quality products and treatments, all from an affordable price range.
Dermal Fillers
Dermal fillers or skin fillers can offer many of the benefits of a face lift without the risks and downtime often associated with surgical procedures. If your skin is looking a little saggy or the lines around your mouth are beginning to resemble deep grooves, then facial peels or wrinkle creams will probably not give you the results you are hoping for.

If it's time to attack the signs of aging a little more aggressively, then inject-able fillers are a safe and effective way to help restore your youthful appearance almost immediately without dangerous side effects.
Acne Skin Treatments
We help you find the acne skin treatment that is best for you according to several factors. We tailor our treatments to the type of acne you have, as well as the cause and severity of your skin problem. The wrong treatment can often do more harm than good. Thatís why we recommend that you consult with one of our skin specialists to begin your journey to soft, smooth, blemish-free skin today.
Client Testimonials
Testimonial #1
Had my eyebrows waxed and tinted and the lady did a fantastic job. I will be going here from now onwards for this treatment .
ByLisa Davies
Testimonial #2
I have just finished my last chemical peel session and I am so happy with the results! After my few session my skin felt really tight and I wasnít sure whether the treatment was suitable for me but after a long conversation with the therapist (Shadi) I was explained well about how to react to and itís normal and I felt ease and continued and every time I went into colaz I felt welcomed by the staff!! The environment was so clean and tidy. I highly recommend to everyone try colaz.
ByZoya Chaudhry
Testimonial #3
Best lasering place I have ever been to!! Prices are affordable, staff are very pleasant and Shadi is great at her job.
ByAdam K.
Testimonial #4
Shadi at the Colaz Reading branch is the best! Laser hair removal is going really well, she makes you feel comfortable and confident! I would definitley recommend getting laser hair removal at that branch, the progress of my hair removal is amazing honestly and it's only my 4th session!
ByMercy Manu
Testimonial #5
CoLaz provided me a promising laser hair removal treatment. Very clean environment & friendly behavior.
ByFakhrul Islam
Testimonial #6
I had a deep cleansing facial today and it was very relaxing. This is my second facial and I am excited to have my next session with my therapist. Very good service and polite staff. I am happy and I would recommend this facial to other people.. I am thinking about having another treatment after this one.
BySara Khalil
Testimonial #7
My experience of Colaz in Harrow has been brilliant. The stars being Bineeta for her 'healing hands' and Saima for her cool approach and welcoming style. She always has time for you to show you the best treatments and products available. Bineeta is outstanding and has a complete understanding of a client's needs. She is one of a kind and I hope she is recognised for her outstanding gift and talent working on my face and body. Suffice to say I would not come to Colaz without her. As for Saima, beautiful, calm, kind and efficient, what more would you ask for?
ByEmma Ward
Testimonial #8
Iím Irish with very pale skin but with dark quite strong hair. After years of painful waxing I was fed up of the time and the money!
Started on a introductory offer a year ago of 6 full body plus microdermabrasion and one small area laser for £999, which was great value for the market and let me know my bodyís response to laser. Iíve since bought a further 7 on half body.
Iíve almost finished this second batch and my hair reduction has been amazing!

Even between my 5 week sessions the hair is sparse, and whatís still there is really thin. Underarms has by far been the biggest transformation.
I personally feel zero pain from the laser, infact I once fell asleep during a session! First session I was worried it couldnít have possibly worked, but then my hair was suddenly not there in patches

The salons clean and modern, and the staff are all fabulous! Recommend trialling a couple different people to see who suits you, I moved around a bit at first then found Val whoís great at the job and someone I enjoy chatting to for the hour.

Definitely would recommend Colaz for hair removal.
ByAnna Katherine McCarthy
Testimonial #9
The staff are absolutely amazing. They are so kind and always happy to help. I have been getting my laser done for a year now and the results are outstanding. I would definitely recommend getting laser from this branch. You save money in the long run and they always have such great offers!! I plan to have more laser done as I am ecstatic over my results!
ByQueen Bawse
Testimonial #10
Colaz Southall Branch is so professional helpful! the girls are so accommodating and welcoming. I needed a laser skin patch test and didn't have a appointment on the day, I rang the branch an hour ago and they fitted me in on the same day within the same hour. They then went through the offers and packages with me to give me the best deal. I have now booked my laser with them and looking to get more treatments done in the future. I also found that they are very reasonably priced compared to other clinics in the area. Lastly the girls are very honest, they told me I couldnít have laser done 2 weeks before going to a hot country as my face can suffer from pigmentation. I will be definitely going back to Colaz in Southall as I like their professional nature and honesty and I can trust them with my skin
Testimonial #11
I thought the atmosphere was very warm and welcoming , the staff was kind and helpful as well as reassuring . I was advised the right treatment and a patch test was done beforehand to ensure my safety. I was given advice prior to the treatment and post treatment as well overall I found the therapist very gentle reassuring and helpful. I got the result I wanted from my treatment and everything was done very professionally . I would recommend this business to friends and family as well as the treatments are value for money and are done very professionally . Overall great experience!
ByAnmol Kaur
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