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Care 4 Children are a North West UK based foster care agency looking to recruit new and experienced foster carers. We offer our carers a great range of benefits including leading pay, training and 24 hour support from people who care.
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1 Stuart Road, Bredbury, Stockport
Manchester, Greater Manchester
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0161 483 1505
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This is a three phase recovery programme that incorporates building a secure base, undertaking life story work and therapy and supporting children to develop self-soothing techniques. Each placement has on-going psychological monitoring and monthly evidence based reporting is provided to Local Authorities highlighting where the child is within their recovery programme. 


Our approach is simple – we consider children as individuals and as a product of their experiences. We believe most looked after children have been primed to anxious responding due to the significant harm that has resulted in their care experience. The accumulated risk factors for looked after children can only be mitigated, not eliminated.


We believe in life long healing and learning and that a care experience should equip children with an understanding of their lived experiences; a clear idea of how they learn best and skills to self soothe and manage the stresses of life. We refer to these as the three jewels and we work towards equipping children and young people with skills which allow them to live to their full potential and feed their dreams.
Sexual Trauma

Our specialist therapeutic care homes offer children a multi-disciplinary team ("MDT") support programme to enable them to succeed and achieve. We offer a wrap around service with clinical, educational and therapeutic care practitioners all working together to meet the holistic needs of individual children. Each home has a dedicated therapy and education suite. All staff receive regular clinical supervision and attend weekly MDT meetings to ensure the focus remains on the children and improving outcomes. We use evidence based practice and psychometric measures to track progress over time and outcomes.


Our specialist therapeutic care homes offer victims of sexual abuse a protected environment and community of adults dedicated to their safety and recovery. The primary focus of the services is to provide an immediate physical place of safety, with high levels of supervision and risk management, working through a three phase recovery programme.
Our forensic services provide Integrated Care Solutions for young people who are in a crisis situation or whose life is at a crossroad, Care 4 Children can deliver nationally award-winning residential and education solutions with quality therapeutic care, in a safe and nurturing environment.
Through our integrated approach and the delivery of individually tailored therapeutic care plans, we’ve proved that we can transform the lives of young people with complex and challenging behaviours. Accommodation is provided in our high-quality, contemporary one, two or three bed residential homes set within good quality pleasant and semi-rural communities.
What sets Care 4 Children apart from other providers is our unique education and vocational training provisions, which offer a diverse range of engaging and innovative training and part-time employment opportunities to our young people through associated community interest companies.
As an independent organisation and in recognition of the initial high levels of supervision required by young people entering our care, we’re able to taper our provision and charges on a reducing scale to deliver the best possible outcomes for every individual and best value for commissioning authorities.

At Care 4 Children we constantly strive to create a fostering community where by the children themselves form the central part of  the service we provide. We do this by actively seeking  to incorporate practice that achieves the best outcomes for individuals. Our ethos focuses on providing responsive, rather than reactive care giving, consistently seeking sensitive solutions whilst never compromising on quality.


Based in Stockport, Manchester we cover a large part of the North West area with carers in Cheshire, Lancashire and Greater Manchester. Should you live in this area and are either interested in becoming a foster carer for the first time, or if you are an existing carer looking for an exciting new chapter in your career, please contact our friendly team for a chat today on 0161 483 4769.
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0161 483 1505
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