Birch CarpetsTiling & Flooring Company in Sheffield, South Yorkshire

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Birch Carpets are experienced producers of a comprehensive range of Contract Carpets, Carpet Tiles, Barrier and Entrance Matting systems designed for use in the Commercial, Education, Healthcare, Leisure and Public sectors.

Our products are attractive, innovative, durable and provide solutions to real world problems. They are produced to the highest standards, using the latest manufacturing techniques, always with a continuing emphasis on reducing any environmental impact.

We have a great team who are totally committed to providing the very best in terms of quality of product and service. Their enthusiasm, commitment and expertise are second to none.

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Hazel Park Mills, 318 Coleford Road
Sheffield, South Yorkshire
S9 5PH
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(0114) 243 1230
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(0114) 243 5118
Products & Services
Our products fall into three categories: Carpets, Carpet Tiles and Matting. There is some crossover between them e.g., matting comes in both carpet and carpet tile, as well as in other formats, but for the most part they are fairly easy to understand. All our products are designed and manufactured with care and to rigorous standards, whatever their eventual price point.

Whilst we have the capability to offer a wide variety of products, suitable for a broad spectrum of sectors and applications, that doesn’t mean that we compromise in any way on the properties that each of those sectors demand of our products.

Our product are suitable for a variety of settings including offices, meeting rooms, board rooms, receptions, circulation areas, stairways, lecture theatres, congregational areas, study areas, libraries, auditoria, accommodation, retail outlets, private homes etc across multiple sectors.
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(0114) 243 1230
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Monday08:00 AM÷05:30 PM
Tuesday08:00 AM÷05:30 PM
Wednesday08:00 AM÷05:30 PM
Thursday08:00 AM÷05:30 PM
Friday08:00 AM÷05:30 PM
Saturday08:00 AM÷12:00 PM
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